Bitcoin (BTC) $ 9,277.73
Ethereum (ETH) $ 240.82
Tether (USDT) $ 1.00
XRP (XRP) $ 0.199214
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 229.31
Cardano (ADA) $ 0.131888
Bitcoin SV (BSV) $ 181.94
Chainlink (LINK) $ 8.10
Litecoin (LTC) $ 43.76
Binance Coin (BNB) $ 18.11
EOS (EOS) $ 2.56
cryptocom-chain Coin (CRO) $ 0.140995
Tezos (XTZ) $ 2.93
Stellar (XLM) $ 0.092796
OKB (OKB) $ 5.12
Monero (XMR) $ 67.82
TRON (TRX) $ 0.017713
LEO Token (LEO) $ 1.14
USD Coin (USDC) $ 1.00
VeChain (VET) $ 0.018726
Huobi Token (HT) $ 4.28
NEO (NEO) $ 11.17
Cosmos (ATOM) $ 3.98
Ethereum Classic (ETC) $ 6.32
IOTA (MIOTA) $ 0.248185
Dash (DASH) $ 71.65
Zcash (ZEC) $ 62.31
Ontology (ONT) $ 0.767750
Maker (MKR) $ 461.94
HEX (HEX) $ 0.003620
NEM (XEM) $ 0.047112
Dogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.003229
HedgeTrade (HEDG) $ 1.36
Basic Attention Token (BAT) $ 0.261694
Kyber Network (KNC) $ 1.64
Aave (LEND) $ 0.243763
FTX Token (FTT) $ 3.11
DigiByte (DGB) $ 0.021615
0x (ZRX) $ 0.405110
Paxos Standard (PAX) $ 1.00
Synthetix Network Token (SNX) $ 2.80
Qtum (QTUM) $ 2.44
ThoreNext (THX) $ 10.60
Augur (REP) $ 19.78
OmiseGO (OMG) $ 1.52
Algorand (ALGO) $ 0.271772
THETA (THETA) $ 0.238318
Zilliqa (ZIL) $ 0.019804
Dai (DAI) $ 1.01
Hyperion (HYN) $ 0.619505

Latest Crypto News Headlines

  • Peter Schiff Thinks Bitcoin’s 2018 Lows of $3,200 “Will Not Hold”
    NewsBTC - 1 hour ago
    In 2018, Bitcoin plunged as low as $3,200. Save for a handful of analysts, few investors expected the cryptocurrency to fall that low and that from its $20,000 all-time high. Despite the drop, bulls managed to re-assert control over the market, taking BTC back to $14,000 in the six months…
  • These Crypto Exchanges are Seeing Massive Inflows of Illicit Funding, Claims Report
    NewsBTC - 2 hours ago
    It’s no secret that the anonymous and entirely digital crypto market is rife with scams, fraud, and crime. Although this only accounts for a small portion of the market as a whole, it is still a thorn in the side of the industry. It is also one of the main…
  • ‘AML Bitcoin’ Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Pleads Guilty to ICO Fraud News - 2 hours ago
    Jack Abramoff has pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud relating to his promotion of the 2018 AML BitCoin ICO. Notorious political lobbyist Jack Abramoff has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to defraud investors, conspiring to commit wire fraud, and violations of the Lobbying Disclosure Act relating to the…
  • One Millionaire Really Is Giving Away Bitcoin — But Is That a Good Thing? News - 2 hours ago
    Bill Pulte has been giving away thousands in cash, crypto, and cars for months now, but he could be inadvertently helping scammers. Millionaire philanthropist Bill Pulte has given away close to $150,000 this year in an attempt to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. However, some critics are concerned that…
  • Bollinger Band Contraction Could Send Bitcoin Flying 50% Or More
    NewsBTC - 3 hours ago
    Bitcoin price continues to chug along sideways, leaving trading volume, volatility, and other key metrics stagnant. When volatility gets this low, the Bollinger Bands contract. Historically, the popular technical analysis indicator getting this tight on BTCUSD price charts has led to an explosive 50% or more move. But which direction…
  • Former Chinese Official Says CBDC Will Pave Way for Digital Stocks News - 3 hours ago
    A former Chinese official says the development of a digital currency will lay the foundation for the birth of digital stocks. Xiao Gang, the former chair of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, says in his latest book on China capital market reforms that the development of a central bank digital…
  • 70% of Crypto Twitter: Bitcoin Will Trade Above $20k by End of 2021
    NewsBTC - 4 hours ago
    Since Bitcoin peaked at $20,000, investors have been asking when that high will be breached. For over two years, BTC hasn’t been even close to accomplishing that feat. A new poll by a prominent cryptocurrency analyst, however, suggests that many think Bitcoin will soon trade above its $20,000 high. Related…
  • Is Chainlink (LINK) a Bubble? On-Chain Data and DeFi Suggest Otherwise News - 4 hours ago
    Chainlink price continues to surge to new highs but is it reaching bubble territory? On July 13 Chainlink (LINK) rallied more than 34% to reach a new all-time high at $8.48. Since then the price corrected back to the $7 range but at the time of writing the altcoin is…
  • These 4 Factors Suggest Cardano (ADA) Has Room to Rally Higher
    NewsBTC - 5 hours ago
    Cardano (ADA) has been caught in the throes of an intense uptrend throughout the past several weeks. Its massive climb has primarily been rooted in the excitement surrounding the rollout of the highly anticipated Shelley mainnet upgrade, as well as some other positive news that its community has rallied behind.…
  • Blockchain Could Help to Boost Global Jobs Creation News - 6 hours ago
    The World Economic Forum believes that blockchain could contribute to a $365 billion savings by 2030 by reducing food loss and waste in the food supply chain. A report published by the World Economic Forum, or WEF, highlighted the critical role of fourth industrial revolution technologies. New technologies like blockchain…
  • This New Coding Language Could Help Unlock Bitcoin’s Smart Contract Potential
    CoinDesk - 7 hours ago
    With the introduction of Sapio, Jeremy Rubin hopes to expand Bitcoin’s smart contract use cases and increase the “financial self-sovereignty” of its users.
  • A Hacker is Attempting to Sell a Las Vegas Hotel Database for Crypto News - 7 hours ago
    Data for 142 million hotel guests is being sold via the dark web. The MGM Resort suffered a massive data breach in 2019 that left 142 million hotel guests exposed. A hacker is now selling the stolen database for roughly $2,900.According to the information revealed by ZDNet, a dark web…
  • Analysts Expect XRP to Crash Lower as It Reaches “Do or Die” Level
    NewsBTC - 7 hours ago
    After facing some turbulence throughout the early part of the month, XRP has been able to stabilize just below its key $0.20 resistance level, marking a notable climb from its multi-week lows of $0.17. Despite its apparent stability and slight strength around its current price levels, analysts are noting that…
  • Research Suggests STOs Are Better at Financing Startups than ICOs News - 7 hours ago
    Faculty at the Rotterdam School of Management argue that STOs are better for financing startups than ICOs. Thomas Lambert, Daniel Liebau, and Peter Roosenboom from the Rotterdam School of Management suggest that Security Token Offerings are better at financing start-ups than Initial Coin Offerings. Their research was published on July…
  • Market Wrap: Do-Nothing Markets Stay Steady as Bitcoin Sticks to $9,200
    CoinDesk - 7 hours ago
    A quiet bitcoin market has investors remaining hopeful of future improvement.
  • Chainlink (LINK) Rallies as Market Cap Surpasses Litecoin and Binance Coin News - 7 hours ago
    Today Chainlink overtook Litecoin and Binance Coin as the 8th biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Today Chainlink (LINK) surpassed Binance Coin (BNB) and Litecoin (LTC) in market capitalization. Data from CoinMarketCap shows LINK’s market cap surged to $2.86 billion as the price rallied 9% to $8.17. This brought the market…
  • Cryptocurrencies Have ‘No Way’ to Comply With US Anti-Encryption Bills
    CoinDesk - 7 hours ago
    U.S. Senate bills meant to crack down on encryption could have negative effects for privacy-oriented tech, including cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurs and critics say.
  • South Korea Might Soon be Spending Billions on Blockchain Development News - 7 hours ago
    President Moon Jae-in wants to allocate billions of dollars to strengthen industry 4.0 technology. The South Korean government plans to invest over $48.2 billion in Blockchain and other Industry 4.0 technologies by 2025. The nation’s goal is to promote the digitization of all industries in the coming post-pandemic era.According to…
  • Tag Team of Powerful Sell Signals Could Take Tezos Down For The Count
    NewsBTC - 8 hours ago
    With Chainlink setting a new all-time high and entering price discovery mode, all eyes turned to the altcoin called Tezos. In the past Tezos and Chainlink have risen in the same tides. If history repeats and the assets stay closely correlated, further upside could be coming for XTZ holders. However,…
  • Crypto Luminaries Auction NFT ‘Art’ for Charity
    CoinDesk - 8 hours ago
    Vitalik Buterin’s quadratic funding notes raised 40 ETH for an open-source grant program. He and others are auctioning off NFTs on Cryptograph for charity.
  • DeFi Will be an Integral Part of the Lives of Many, CEO of Crypto Exchange OKEx News - 8 hours ago
    Hao believes that DeFi can bring financial services to “the people who are currently excluded or underserved by traditional finance.” Decentralized finance (DeFi) will be part of the lives of many people in the future, according to Jay Hao, the CEO of crypto exchange OKEx.When answering Cointelegraph’s recent inquiry concerning…
  • Why Are Execs of Bankrupt Companies Being Rewarded With Millions?
    CoinDesk - 9 hours ago
    It’s hard to tell people not to be angry with capitalism when the system is rewarding failure with millions of dollars in bankruptcy bonuses.
  • Japanese Banking Giant to Issue Its Own Stablecoin in Late 2020 News - 9 hours ago
    Japan’s largest financial institution, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, is planning to issue the MUFG token in the second half of 2020. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, or MUFGt, the fifth largest bank in the world, is reportedly planning to issue its own digital currency in the second half of 2020.Initiated back…
  • This Platform Automates DeFi Yield Farming for Its Users News - 9 hours ago
    A newly launched DeFi platform promises to always find the best yield for its users by taking advantage of variable interest rates and reward schemes. A new decentralized finance platform is set to ride the yield farming wave by automating the process of finding the most efficient opportunities for its…
  • Chainlink (LINK) Breaches $8 Once Again: What Are Analysts Saying?
    NewsBTC - 9 hours ago
    Bulls are once again driving Chainlink (LINK) higher after a slight retracement on parabolic price action. As of the time of this article’s writing, the asset is up by around 15% in the past 24 hours, rallying past $8.00 once again. It now trades for $8.30 — just a few…
  • Telegram Drops TON Testnet, but Independent Projects Carry New Hope News - 10 hours ago
    Telegram ceases its support of the test network for TON, but that will seemingly not deter the community from keeping the open-source project going. At the start of July, Telegram announced it was discontinuing its support for the test network of Telegram Open Network in what seems as yet another…
  • This a16z Alum Is Launching a VC Fund Focused on Platforms You Can ‘Own’
    CoinDesk - 10 hours ago
    An Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) alum is launching a new venture firm focused on building a crypto-powered “ownership economy.”
  • Charlie Shrem TLDL: Ray Youssef and Crypto’s Role in Africa
    CoinDesk - 10 hours ago
    Ray Youssef joins Charlie Shrem to discuss Paxful’s mission in Africa, the liberating power of crypto and the unfairness of the African franc.
  • Binance Coin Gains 17% on Bitcoin in July but Can ‘IEO Season’ Happen? News - 10 hours ago
    The price of Binance Coin has gained almost 20% on Bitcoin in July and this spells bullish for the price of the exchange’s IEO tokens. As the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been slowly consolidating over the past few months, altcoins have been taking the spotlight. Recently, massive moves were…
  • What It’s Really Like to Live on Bitcoin in the Middle East
    CoinDesk - 10 hours ago
    The story of a Syrian migrant in Iraq shows how bitcoin can work as intended – as a global currency that transcends borders.
  • From DeFi to Bitcoin Casinos, 2020’s dApps Are Going from Strength to Strength
    NewsBTC - 10 hours ago
    The latest Dapp Digest highlights an undeniable truth: the world of decentralized applications is growing fast. And it’s only set to intensify with the forthcoming launch of TRON 4.0, which will introduce cross-chain interoperability and customized blockchain-based apps for enterprise. dApps Break the $10B Volume Barrier dApps are becoming easier…
  • Bitcoin and Gold Neck and Neck In Two-Year Safe Haven Arms Race
    NewsBTC - 11 hours ago
    After two full years of price action, Bitcoin and gold are neck and neck in terms of return on investment. However, during the same time period, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap experienced wild price swings while gold stayed stable and steady. Has the wild ride along the way tarnished…
  • Texas Man Allegedly Used $1.1M in COVID-19 Relief Funds to Buy Crypto News - 11 hours ago
    U.S. authorities have accused a man of securing COVID-19 relief funds to invest in cryptocurrency. A Texas resident was charged by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas on July 14. Allegations suggest that he fraudulently filed loan applications for $1.1 million through the Paycheck Protection Program, or…
  • Texas Man’s Alleged Use of PPP Funds for Crypto Instead of BBQ Has Feds Asking ‘Where’s the Beef?’
    CoinDesk - 11 hours ago
    Investigators could not find any online reviews, any documented employees or any established bank account for the defendant’s purported BBQ company.
  • Blockchain Bites: Chainlink’s Interest, Ethereum’s ‘ReGenesis’ and Crypto Taxes
    CoinDesk - 11 hours ago
    Retail interest in Chainlink is booming, Ethereum may follow Cosmos on its path to upgrade and the U.K. central bank is mulling a CBDC.
  • High Stablecoin Buying Power Could Predict Bitcoin’s Next Bull Run News - 11 hours ago
    Today, stablecoins buy 15-times as much Bitcoin as in early 2018, this could bode well for the next bull run, if and when, it happens. Stablecoins have never had more buying power than now, this could bode well for the next bull run.Glassnode keeps track of the Stablecoin Supply Ratio,…
  • Kraken Adds 3 DeFi Tokens – COMP, KAVA, KNC
    CoinDesk - 11 hours ago
    Riding the surge of interest in yield farming, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is listing three tokens from the world of decentralized finance.
  • Bitcoin News Roundup for July 14, 2020
    CoinDesk - 12 hours ago
    With Tax Day fast approaching, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily covers all things IRS and crypto taxes on today’s show!
  • VMware Joins Samsung, Salesforce as Investor in Digital Asset’s Series C Funding Round
    CoinDesk - 12 hours ago
    Enterprise blockchain maker Digital Asset says VMware has joined its Series C funding round, though it didn’t say how much has been raised.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology invests in tokenized blockchain fund COSIMO X 
    CryptoNinjas - 12 hours ago
    COSIMO Ventures, an investment firm with offices in Boston and Dublin focused on transforming promising deep technology companies into global industry leaders, today announced a seven-figure investment from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) into its new, blockchain-focused tokenized fund, COSIMO X. According to Robert Frasca, Managing Partner, COSIMO Ventures, this…
  • Seychelles-Based Bitcoin Transfers Continue to Gain Dominance, Analysts Find News - 12 hours ago
    Crystal Blockchain reports that crypto transfers in the Republic of Seychelles keep growing as regulatory pressure increases for the G-20. A new report released on Tuesday by Crystal Blockchain attempts to categorize cross-border transactions of Bitcoin (BTC) based on their “country of origin,” which may have important implications for the…
  • As Money Printer Goes Brrrrr, Wall St Loses Its Fear of Bitcoin News - 12 hours ago
    “I know anecdotally of several [investment managers] that have accumulated between $100 million and $500 million.” This year will go down in infamy as one of the worst in living memory, but Wall Street veteran Jenny Q Ta says there’s been at least one bright spot — 2020 has marked…
  • Self-Healing Blockchains Are Cure for Sharding’s Scalability Woes News - 12 hours ago
    Self-healing blockchains are the only way to create a truly decentralized world within the decade. The world is eagerly waiting for a next-generation, high-performance, permissionless blockchain, and this blockchain should be able to industrially scale all decentralized applications. So far, the crypto community has witnessed:Peer-to-peer blockchain networks that use all…
  • Cardano (ADA) now available on Evolve Markets with 100x leverage
    CryptoNinjas - 13 hours ago
    Evolve Markets, a bitcoin-based derivatives trading platform, today announced that Cardano’s ADA token is now available for all traders on its Webtrader and MetaTrader 5 platforms. Trading Specifications: Symbol: ADAUSD Contact Size: 1 ADA Leverage: Up to 100X Cardano Cardano is an open-source blockchain lead by an entrepreneur and mathematician…
  • Two OneCoin Promoters Found Dead in Mexico News - 13 hours ago
    Two promoters of $4 billion crypto exit scam OneCoin have been found dead in Mexico. Two promoters of a major cryptocurrency exit scam, OneCoin, have been found dead in Mazatlan, Mexico.Oscar Brito Ibarra and Ignacio Ibarra, two major OneCoin promoters, were apparently kidnapped and killed in Mexico, Cointelegraph en Español reported…
  • PayPal Told EU It Had Crypto Plans Back in March
    CoinDesk - 13 hours ago
    PayPal had previously declined to say whether it had any designs in the crypto space; the letter from early March appears to confirm it.
  • Gemini Unveils Hardware Key Compatibility on Mobile App News - 14 hours ago
    U.S.-based exchange Gemini announced hardware key compatibility for its mobile application, bolstering security capabilities for customers. Gemini revealed hardware security key functionality for its mobile application, giving customers compatibility with devices such as YubiKey for added security. Thanks to WebAuthn compatibility on Gemini’s app, iOS and Android “Gemini customers can now…
  • PayPal Letter Seems to Confirm Crypto Capability Rumors News - 14 hours ago
    Global payments giant PayPal could indeed be developing a crypto-based solution, this document shows. PayPal has confirmed that it is developing capabilities in the cryptocurrency space, according to a letter to the European Commission.Originally submitted on March 20, the document was intended as a response to the European Commission’s public…
  • Gemini Boosts User Security With Hardware Security Key Support for Android and iOS
    CoinDesk - 15 hours ago
    The Winklevoss brothers’ Gemini exchange says hardware security keys can protect users against hacks and SIM swaps.
  • Fidelity Digital Assets to Custody Bitcoin in Kingdom Trust Retirement Accounts
    CoinDesk - 15 hours ago
    Kingdom Trust CEO Ryan Radloff hopes the partnership with Fidelity will nudge the investment giant closer to serving retail crypto investors.
  • Shyft Debuts ‘Decentralized Version of SWIFT’ for FATF Travel Rule
    CoinDesk - 15 hours ago
    Shyft Network says 30+ exchanges are testing its blockchain-based solution to help cryptocurrency companies comply with the FATF Travel Rule.
  • Chainlink Integrates With Social Network Led by Distributed Computing Pioneer News - 15 hours ago
    An alternative social networking platform that aims to give users control over their data is integrating Chainlink data oracles. Revolution Populi, a social network led by David Gelernter — a futurist and a distributed computing pioneer — is integrating Chainlink data oracles.Revolution Populi is trying to displace Facebook by creating a social network…
  • Paxful Reaches the $4.6B Milestone in P2P Bitcoin Trading Volume News - 15 hours ago
    Peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platform Paxful crossed the $4.6 billion trading volume threshold as the company is entering its fifth year. Peer-to-peer Bitcoin (BTC) marketplace Paxful announced on July 14 that its platform has witnessed another surge in trade volume, hitting the $4.6 billion mark and reaching over 4.5 million wallet…
  • Shariah Law Opens to Crypto Trading, but Full Adoption Highly Unlikely News - 15 hours ago
    The Islamic world seems primed for widespread digital asset adoption, as well-respected scholars claim that crypto trading is fully compatible with Sharia law. Even though in most western countries today, matters related to religion and money have been independent of one another. However, in Islam, especially those following the Shariah…
  • Five Years On, Ethereum Really Is the ‘Minecraft of Crypto-Finance’
    CoinDesk - 15 hours ago
    The Ethereum community has delivered on many of its promises, says the author of a new book charting the blockchain’s early history.
  • Crypto security infrastructure provider METACO raises $17M in Series A
    CryptoNinjas - 15 hours ago
    METACO, a provider of security-critical digital asset infrastructure for financial institutions, today announced a Series A round of $17 million. The round was oversubscribed, with demand over double the initial target, proving continued support from existing investors combined with significant interest from new strategic partners in security technology, central bank…
  • Bitcoin Volatility Metrics Are Like November 2018 All Over Again
    CoinDesk - 15 hours ago
    Bitcoin is locked in a low-volatility squeeze similar to one seen ahead of a 40% price crash in November 2018. This time may be different.
  • US Army Seeks a Cloud-Based Solution to Track Illicit Crypto Activities News - 15 hours ago
    The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division Command plans to use a web application to track and trace cryptocurrency transitions. The United States Army Criminal Investigation Division Command (USACIDC) is seeking a Software-as-as-Service web application to help them track and trace illicit cryptocurrency transactions.According to a statement of work published on…
  •, Huobi Enter Booming Crypto Options Scene
    CoinDesk - 15 hours ago
    The two exchanges are moving into the crypto options scene, which continues to grow as volumes on spot and futures markets spiral.
  • BitGo Releases Crypto Wallet Compliance Tool for FATF's Travel Rule News - 16 hours ago
    Major digital asset firm BitGo announces API support for the Financial Action Task Force’s travel rule. BitGo, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin (BTC) transaction processors, is integrating a new API into its crypto wallet service to support the Financial Action Task Force’s travel rule.BitGo told Cointelegraph on July 14…
  • Binance to Remove In-App Audio Recording Feature in Next Update News - 16 hours ago
    Top cryptocurrency exchange Binance has reviewed its Android app code following spyware concerns. Binance will remove the ability to record audio from its Android app in the upcoming update scheduled for “mid-July”, cryptocurrency exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ,  told Cointelegraph. Binance App will allegedly drop the microphone permissionThe…
  • Blockchain Tech to Help Spanish Cider Makers Fight Counterfeits News - 17 hours ago
    Spanish cider companies are integrating blockchain to fight against counterfeit cider products and over-production. Spanish cider makers Sidra Menéndez S.L. and Llagar Castañón S.L are using the Telos blockchain to track the production of their beverages. This will purportedly allow the cider makers to fight counterfeits and over-production. According to Luis…
  • Binance Card readies to launch in Europe offering crypto-based debit payments
    CryptoNinjas - 17 hours ago
    Binance, the global blockchain and crypto exchange company, today announced the official rollout of its Binance Card in Europe and the United Kingdom (UK), enabling users to convert and spend their BTC, BNB, SXP, and BUSD to fiat at over 60 million merchants across 200 regions and territories worldwide. From…
  • Binance’s Swipe-Powered Crypto Debit Card Debuts in Europe News - 17 hours ago
    Binance Card, a highly anticipated crypto debit card by Binance, will support four cryptocurrencies at launch. Binance’s highly-anticipated cryptocurrency debit card, Binance Card, is officially debuting in countries of the European Economic Area, or EEA.Binance told Cointelegraph on July 14 that EEA-based users will be able to apply for a…
  • Waves integrates Band Protocol’s oracles to enable cross-chain use for Neutrino stablecoin
    CryptoNinjas - 18 hours ago
    Sequoia Capital-backed, cross-chain data oracle, Band Protocol is enabling open-source blockchain platform Waves to jump into the $2B decentralized finance (DeFi) industry; by bringing true cross-chain integration of its data oracles to the Waves’ ecosystem, including usage for their recently launched algorithmic stablecoin Neutrino, which lately reached $15 million market…
  • Huobi Futures to launch bitcoin (BTC) options trading in Q3
    CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    Following the successful launch of Perpetual Swaps in Q2 of this year, Huobi Futures will be aiming to launch Bitcoin Options Trading in Q3. Bitcoin Options are a form of financial derivative that gives the trader the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell Bitcoin at a specific…
  • Accointing software offering a free crypto tax package for its users
    CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    Accointing, a crypto tax and portfolio tracking platform, has launched a free crypto tax solution that allows users to track bitcoin and over 4,500 cryptocurrencies via mobile or desktop, manage their transactions in over 300 crypto exchanges and wallets and generate a tax report of up to 25 transactions at…
  • Wave to launch tokenized whiskey fund on NEM blockchain platform
    CryptoNinjas - 4 days ago
    NEM, the blockchain infrastructure ecosystem, and Wave Financial Group, a blockchain asset management firm, today announced that they will launch the Kentucky Whiskey Digital Fund token on NEM’s Symbol platform when it goes live later this year. This follows the announcement that digital asset manager Wave Financial Group is working…
  • Crypto exchange company COSS launches new cross-chain DEX
    CryptoNinjas - 4 days ago
    COSS, a bitcoin and crypto exchange company, this week announced the launch of the COSS Decentralised Exchange. COSS DEX will provide cross-chain trading, deep liquidity, fast trade execution, and settlement, and enable trading for its own COS token. 50% of trading fees generated on the COSS DEX will also be…
  • Binance Labs leads $1M investment in open source blockchain protocol Hopr
    CryptoNinjas - 5 days ago
    HOPR, a Swiss-based Web3 data privacy-protecting protocol, and Binance, a leading blockchain infrastructure and cryptocurrency exchange provider, today announced that Binance Labs is leading the strategic $1 million investment round for HOPR ahead of the company’s token sale. This is Binance Labs’ first investment of the year, who leads the…
  • Budbo token (BUBO) listed on WhiteBIT ahead of v2.0 of mobile app
    CryptoNinjas - 6 days ago
    Budbo is a suite of cannabis solutions powered by blockchain, it provides a secure delivery marketplace for cannabis retailers, with token integration, a cryptocurrency wallet, and a gamified token reward system. And today it was announced ahead of the upcoming launch of Budbo’s 2.0 mobile application, the Budbo Token (BUBO)…
  • Crypto exchange Zipmex expands to Thailand
    CryptoNinjas - 6 days ago
    Licensed bitcoin and crypto trading platform Zipmex, today announced its launch in Thailand with its official mobile app. The expansion comes after successful launches in Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia as the company continues to accelerate operations across Southeast Asia to fuel a rising demand for digital currency due to the…
  • Vega releases research on solutions for scalable liquidity on decentralized exchanges
    CryptoNinjas - 6 days ago
    Vega, a blockchain project that is building a decentralized protocol to run infrastructure for programmable financial markets, today released its research Market-Based Mechanisms for Incentivising Exchange Liquidity Provision. Low liquidity is a major known problem for decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs). In its paper, Vega describes its solution to this problem…
  • ‘Katalyst’ protocol upgrade and new KNC token model goes live on Kyber Network
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    Kyber Network, a liquidity protocol that aggregates on-chain liquidity and enables decentralized token trading in any application announced today, the launch of the Katalyst protocol upgrade to better meet the liquidity needs of the entire decentralized ecosystem. The KyberDAO, as well as changes to the KNC (Kyber Network Crystal) token…
  • OpenPayd unveils its new crypto banking and payments solution
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    OpenPayd, an API-led Banking-as-a-Service provider, today unveiled its banking and payments solution for digital currency businesses. The proposition provides cryptocurrency businesses with access to a range of banking and payments networks, at a time when exchanges have been experiencing their highest trading volumes. From a single API, OpenPayd’s Banking-as-a-Service platform provides…
  • Binance users offered new fiat gateway through Etana Custody
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    Binance, the blockchain company behind the world’s largest crypto asset exchange by trading volume and users, today announced a new fiat gateway that provides deposit service for 15 fiat currencies through a partnership with Etana Custody Ltd. Etana Custody is a secure third-party custodian of fiat and digital assets for…
  • Crypto Facilities becomes first crypto exchange to receive MTF license in the UK
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    Crypto Facilities, a subsidiary of Kraken, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe by euro trading volumes, has become the first cryptocurrency company to obtain a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) license from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). With this new license, Crypto Facilities will be able to expand its product…
  • Core Scientific and Horizon Kinetics expand investment in next-gen crypto mining equipment
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    Core Scientific, a US-based blockchain hosting provider, announced today it has partnered with New York-based investment manager Horizon Kinetics to upgrade the cryptocurrency miners it hosts for Horizon Kinetics to the Antminer S19 and S19 Pro models manufactured by Bitmain. Core Scientific has been a hosting partner for Horizon Kinetics’…
  • New UAE crypto exchange receives regulatory approval
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    DEX, a new UAE bitcoin and crypto Multilateral Trading Facility and Custodian, has now secured a Financial Services Permission (FSP) from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) in the United Arab Emirates. The FSP authorizes DEX to operate a regulated Multilateral Trading Facility…
  • DFINITY launches developer network, shows off decentralized TikTok app
    CryptoNinjas - 2 weeks ago
    DFINITY, a decentralized and non-proprietary network, today announced that the Internet Computer is now open to third-party developers and entrepreneurs to build the next generation of decentralized mega-applications aimed at rebooting the internet. The Internet Computer is a platform to host emerging innovations in secure software and open internet services.…

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Tezos is lagging Chainlink because their memes are lacking, simple as that
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2 hours ago
Looposhi @22loops
@CryptoHTX @CryptoDale You dont need $1M to pay your electric company unless you're mining GroestlCoin.
2 hours ago
Looposhi @22loops
@StackinBits Should have added the Fibonacci-spirals but I have epilepsy.
2 hours ago
Looposhi @22loops
@CryptoDale It's not the money. It's a state of mind.
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2 hours ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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David Schwartz@DvdSchwrtz
UC Berkeley grad; software engineer
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@DvdSchwrtz: I just released my third article “Synthetix for Beginners” @synthetix_io is a derivatives trading protocol built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It is a decentralized finance (DeFI) project disrupting the largest segment of finance 1/7
3 hours ago
notsofast @notsofast
@Mansa_Godson @macstine @ThisIsNuse That's full on new money bull market stuff, we're not quite there yet
3 hours ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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Gamified multi-exchange social trading terminal. Manage all your crypto exchange accounts from one place & copy (or counter) trades of the World's best traders.
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@AlunaSocial: Which crypto exchange would you like to see next on Aluna?
3 hours ago
The Crypto Dog📈 @TheCryptoDog
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The Spectator Index@spectatorindex
Watching the world. Focused on politics, economics, science and sports. Message us for business inquiries.
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@spectatorindex: BREAKING: Coronavirus vaccine developed by America's National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc has boosted immune systems of participants and is showing promising results
4 hours ago
The Crypto Dog📈 @TheCryptoDog
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Partner @TheSpartanGroup. Former Partner at Indus Capital and Goldman Sachs | Crypto will change the world |
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@SpartanBlack_1: People who hold only legacy coins are looking at this DeFi rally and going “fundamentals don’t matter anymore!”

This shows the knowledge gap that still exists even among crypto natives.

A lot of people still haven’t fully grasped how big this DeFi trend is going to be.
4 hours ago
notsofast @notsofast
@FX_Machine @BlockchainNote @trolltip tip 777 no I still have some $TROLL coins left
4 hours ago
notsofast @notsofast
@KevinRomeis @Twitter @parler_app I can appreciate it but to me it's settled in its niche.
4 hours ago
notsofast @notsofast
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Ubiq Crypto Community@CryptoUbiq
Account managed by Ubiq Community members. $UBQ is a decentralized blockchain platform, open source and community driven. We are all dev. @ubiqsmart official
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@CryptoUbiq: What is the DAG file?

Did you know you can keep those older GPUs running with Ubiq. This was something purposely designed from the genesis block!

Just one example of the forward thinking that has gone into the $UBQ platform.

Come build with us...
6 hours ago
Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
@realSidhuJag File an issue to suggest these topics, let's see what others think. It's open and collaborative
8 hours ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
The market creates new wealth.

The state just transfers wealth.
8 hours ago
Luke Martin @VentureCoinist

one way to think of it ^ or that people are longer from higher price than ever before. can go both ways
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9 hours ago
Crypto₿ull @CryptoBull
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@zerohedge: Dear @federalreserve if society could solve all its problems by printing money, the Roman Empire would rule the world
12 hours ago
_tm3k @_tm3k
some ppl think im being insensitive with this joke but haha jokes on u my mom died when i was 9 from cancer so im allowed to poke fun @ it
12 hours ago
Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
Should you price your products and services in #bitcoin? Learn in this new Q&A video on the aantonop YouTube channel: #crypto
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12 hours ago
_tm3k @_tm3k
@CryptoGainz1 Id rather just go to a casino so when i go on tilt I can actually leave lmao
12 hours ago
_tm3k @_tm3k
If you bought a timeshare you are probably the type of person who wants to go on a cruise

13 hours ago
Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
Why are we emotionally invested in #cryptocurrency? Because it is fundamentally different from centralized banking. And that fundamental difference makes all the difference. #Bitcoin
13 hours ago
Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
@pro8l3my In my opinion, the chance is zero. Consensus changes require a very large majority of miners, developers, nodes, and economic actors (exchanges, merchants, owners). A supply increase goes against everyone's interest, as it devalues the currency & 21m cap defines what Bitcoin is.
13 hours ago
Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
Mastering Lightning update:

I'm about half-way through chapter 3 edits, making good progress. Should be done with chapter 3 by the end of this week.

Watch our progress and contribute here:
14 hours ago
DonAlt @CryptoDonAlt
@trading_peter Bespoke: Fighting on CT about how to best prepare a wassie
15 hours ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
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Mark@bondizzle024 “Legacy thinking is a liability”
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@bondizzle024: I believe fiat currency is like a hot potato. We are all incentivized to spend, but not save. You have to invest and take risks to save for the future: a bug not a feature. The last one holding these currencies will always be burned. Check out my first article below!
16 hours ago
Luke Martin @VentureCoinist
@QWQiao both are chads.

I think the only difference is traditionally you're playing a zero sum game with other speculators

With these defi specific plays the game seems to be more about exploiting the infrastructure instead of other traders
17 hours ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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I ❤ Fractals & $TOMO
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@tomo50usd: I have 4 dope #FRACTAL's that show market will get crazy once we break 10500 on $BTC 🔥🔥🔥
17 hours ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
BiTcOiN iS NoT a StOrE oF VaLuE BeCaUsE iT's sO VoLaTiLe
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1 day ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
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Chief Łitecoin Ęvangelist / Łitecoin Foundation / Advisor @Cycle_bit / Passion To Inspire / Half of @FunkyCryptoPod / Fighter
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@johnkim77: Welcome To The Masked Influencer Show! Tonight's Show Will Be One For The History Books. Who is the Mystery Guest? IF YOU ARE AN INVESTOR OF #LITECOIN YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE. #supernecessary #litecoinfam UNITE! #bitcoin #cryptotwitter
1 day ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
Bid on my digital artwork to support @feeonline and learn from Henry Hazlitt's insight that:

The 'private sector' is the voluntary sector.
The 'public sector' is the coercive sector.
1 day ago
Crypto₿ull @CryptoBull
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Articles and Podcasts: 1PRoNLcWHzM8DuKpGE4YM9hb1PjSEnWRpn
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@100trillionUSD: 💥Boom .. all time high bitcoin difficulty: 17345948872516.06
1 day ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
@CryptoSavy1 @Saul_Goodmang What's wrong with Litecoin Foundation partnering with others? Litecoin Foundation is a centralized non-profit entity and it is not Litecoin. We have previously partnered with others and it does not make Litecoin any less decentralized.
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2 days ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
Winners want others to win.
Losers want others to lose.

#BitcoinCash fans just want peer to peer cash for the world and will support any coin that furthers that goal.

#Bitcoin maximalists hate anything that isn’t BTC.
5 days ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
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Crypto After Dark@btcPokerGame
Live #bitcoin Poker Game with the Pioneers of Crypto. Streamed Every Thursday @ 8pm ET Here on Twitter and Twitch. Want to Play? Send DM
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@btcPokerGame: Live #bitcoin Poker Game and epic crypto chats. Follow @btcPokerGame for our weekly live stream show.
5 days ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
Cyberspace doesn’t care what color you are.
19 days ago
YORK780 @YORK780
my next tweet will be at 3 digits btc
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22 days ago
YORK780 @YORK780
We're all gonna make it homies
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25 days ago
YORK780 @YORK780
Join muh paid group to prevent suicide
27 days ago
YORK780 @YORK780
@crypto_rand Can get them cheap for you. They are living on the next acre
28 days ago
CEO of Bitcoin @flyingheadofbtc
One down just another 1832 fraudulent ICOs to go.

How's that thot with the weed doing? She let 50 Cent bone her for a shoutout or something..
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119 days ago
CEO of Bitcoin @flyingheadofbtc
@CryptoGainz1 Hello, this is Bitcoin CEO. Our mistake, srz
124 days ago
CEO of Bitcoin @flyingheadofbtc
*quickly changes name to CEO of Gold*