Bitcoin (BTC) $ 11,838.11
Ethereum (ETH) $ 395.87
XRP (XRP) $ 0.306293
Tether (USDT) $ 1.00
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 323.43
Bitcoin SV (BSV) $ 239.62
Litecoin (LTC) $ 59.85
Chainlink (LINK) $ 9.99
Cardano (ADA) $ 0.143801
Binance Coin (BNB) $ 22.83
EOS (EOS) $ 3.17
cryptocom-chain Coin (CRO) $ 0.164941
Tezos (XTZ) $ 3.23
Stellar (XLM) $ 0.107057
OKB (OKB) $ 6.02
Monero (XMR) $ 95.39
TRON (TRX) $ 0.020842
LEO Token (LEO) $ 1.28
Huobi Token (HT) $ 4.85
VeChain (VET) $ 0.019897
USD Coin (USDC) $ 1.00
Cosmos (ATOM) $ 4.13
Dash (DASH) $ 101.01
NEO (NEO) $ 13.43
Zcash (ZEC) $ 96.49
IOTA (MIOTA) $ 0.322533
Ethereum Classic (ETC) $ 7.19
HedgeTrade (HEDG) $ 2.11
Maker (MKR) $ 590.91
NEM (XEM) $ 0.064323
HEX (HEX) $ 0.004081
Ontology (ONT) $ 0.720471
Aave (LEND) $ 0.377256
Dogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.003587
Synthetix Network Token (SNX) $ 4.52
Basic Attention Token (BAT) $ 0.259556
Dai (DAI) $ 1.02
DigiByte (DGB) $ 0.027830
FTX Token (FTT) $ 3.57
Kyber Network (KNC) $ 1.61
Elrond (ERD) $ 0.022606
0x (ZRX) $ 0.415611
Algorand (ALGO) $ 0.370930
THETA (THETA) $ 0.318568
Hyperion (HYN) $ 0.863841
BitTorrent (BTT) $ 0.000413
Qtum (QTUM) $ 2.76
Advanced Internet Blocks (AIB) $ 0.010177
Paxos Standard (PAX) $ 1.00
Ampleforth (AMPL) $ 0.751346

Latest Crypto News Headlines

  • This Eerie Ethereum Bear Market Fractal Is Predicting a Rally Above $1,000
    NewsBTC - 1 hour ago
    Ethereum has seen an explosive price performance over the past three weeks. In the span of just around 20 days, the asset has surged from $245 to a local high of $415. As of the time of this article’s writing, the leading cryptocurrency trades hands for $394 — just shy…
  • Analysis: Most DeFi Tokens Are Concentrated In Hands of Top 500 Holders News - 2 hours ago
    A new analysis suggests the token supplies for most DeFi projects are not widely distributed, with up to 99% held by the top 500 addresses. Token supplies for most decentralized finance (DeFi) projects are not widely distributed according to an analysis by the co-founder of DeFi Italy and Head of…
  • Why is the ETC Price Steady Despite Risk of Further 51% Attacks? News - 3 hours ago
    Despite suffering its second 51% in a week, and major exchanges disabling deposit, withdrawal, and some trading services, Ethereum Classic is up 2% over yesterday. After suffering two major blockchain reorganizations over the past week, Ethereum Classic  (ETC) has seen its hash rate plummet — exacerbating the risk of further…
  • Altcoins Account for One Third of Total Crypto Mining Power Usage News - 3 hours ago
    An analysis of the 20 largest crypto assets by market cap determined that Bitcoin mining accounted for only 66% of total power consumption. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich are encouraging regulators to look beyond Bitcoin when it comes to considering the environmental impact of crypto mining.According to an…
  • Chinese Schools Can’t Keep Up With Demand for Blockchain News - 3 hours ago
    The Chinese academic sector is “seriously lagging” in terms of keeping up with demand for blockchain specialists. As the blockchain industry keeps expanding across China, there are concerns that the academic sector is failing to keep up with demand for comprehensive, undergraduate, blockchain-related educational programs.The head of the Digital Economy…
  • Investors Dollar-Cost Averaging Bitcoin Since 2017 Made a 61.8% Return News - 5 hours ago
    Data shows investors who dollar-cost averaged into Bitcoin even since the $20,000 peak are profitable. Researchers at Coin Metrics found that investors who dollar-cost averaged into Bitcoin (BTC) since the $20,000 peak in 2017 would still be profitable. According to researchers, an investor who continuously bought BTC over the past…
  • Podcast Host Lists Himself on Balancer: ‘EVAN’ Increases 500% in 2 Hours News - 5 hours ago
    Personal tokens are growing in popularity with the host of ‘Week in Ethereum’ listing EVAN tokens on Balancer”. The host of the ‘Week in Ethereum’ Podcast and former Director of ConseSys, Evan Van Ness is the latest person to tokenize himself on the blockchain — a growing trend in the…
  • Goldman’s Digital Assets Chief: Interest in Crypto Is Seeing a Resurgence
    NewsBTC - 5 hours ago
    The crypto market is one of the best-performing markets in 2020. Year to date, the market capitalization of all digital assets is up by approximately 80%. Bitcoin alone is up 65%. According to Goldman Sachs’ new head of digital assets, Mathew McDermott, the rally is materializing in a resurgence in…
  • Europe’s New ‘Seed-to-Shelf’ Cannabidiol Blockchain Tracking Tool News - 5 hours ago
    The Cannabinoid Association of the Netherlands has unveiled a blockchain-based CBD tracker for customers to trace a product’s journey from seed-to-sale. Cannabidiol users concerned about the quality of their product in the EU can now trace the plant’s journey from when it was first planted in the fields to when…
  • Rival Bitcoin Cash Camps Look Set to Compromise News - 6 hours ago
    Bitcoin Cash’s ABC and BCHN camps look set to compromise on the protocol’s coming upgrades in November. Amaury Sechet, the lead developer of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has announced new plans for the network’s coming November upgrade designed to find a compromise between proponents of the ‘Bitcoin ABC’ and ‘BCHN’ proposals.Sechet…
  • ‘The Enron of Europe’ — What We Know So Far About the Wirecard Scandal News - 6 hours ago
    Australian YouTuber Dagogo Altraide posted a new video to his 2.5M subscribers detailing the fall of FinTech company Wirecard. A new video takes viewers through German financial technology company Wirecard’s journey from being one of the top businesses in the world to one who’s shares plummeted by more than 98%…
  • Small Investors are Flooding into Bitcoin as Whales Start Losing Market Dominance
    NewsBTC - 6 hours ago
    The composition of Bitcoin’s investor base is rapidly shifting, with smaller investors garnering greater dominance over the total circulating BTC supply. This comes as the dominance of so-called crypto whales sees a sharp decline, signaling that the market is currently seeing inflows of smaller retail investors. This shift comes as…
  • Ethereum Beats Bitcoin, Gold, and Stocks In Stimulus Check Investment
    NewsBTC - 7 hours ago
    Stimulus money pouring into assets like stocks, gold, and cryptocurrencies are having a dramatic impact on valuations. But as well as Bitcoin and precious metals are performing, it is Ethereum that has brought the largest return on investment since stimulus checks were issued. Exactly how much would $1,200 invested in…
  • Ransomware Threatens Production of 300 Ventilators Per Day News - 8 hours ago
    The DoppelPaymer gang deployed a ransomware attack against ventilator manufacturer Boyce Technologies amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The FDA-approved Coronavirus ventilator manufacturer Boyce Technologies has been targeted by ransomware launched by the DoppelPaymer gang, who are  threatening to leak data from the company.Cointelegraph has viewed the DoppelPaymer blog, where the gang…
  • Raoul Pal: ‘It May Not Be Worth Owning Any Asset Other Than Bitcoin’ News - 8 hours ago
    Raoul Pal, CEO and founder of Real Vision, says Bitcoin may soon become his only asset for long-term investments. CEO and founder of Real Vision Raoul Pal says his “conviction levels” in Bitcoin are rising on a daily basis as he compares the crypto asset to traditional investments on various…
  • Ethereum DeFi’s Balancer (BAL) Surges 25%: Why the Altcoin Is Up So Much
    NewsBTC - 8 hours ago
    While Bitcoin and Ethereum have stagnated over recent days, multiple altcoins are pressing higher and higher. Zcash, for instance, has gained dozens of percent in the past week alone as its technical and fundamental case strengthens. The coin of the day, though, seems to be Balancer (BAL). The Ethereum-based altcoin,…
  • Chainlink (LINK) Just Surged Past $10: Here’s What Analysts Are Saying
    NewsBTC - 8 hours ago
    Chainlink (LINK) has been in a strong uptrend once again after a drop into the end of July. Just minutes ago, the asset crossed over the pivotal $10 resistance level for the first time in its history. This comes as Bitcoin and Ethereum have stagnated at their multi-day highs, retracing…
  • Analyst: XRP May Crater to $0.21 Before Strong Uptrend Can Extend
    NewsBTC - 9 hours ago
    XRP has found itself caught within a consolidation phase throughout the past few days as it trades just above $0.30. The cryptocurrency has been unable to surmount the heavy resistance it faces between $0.31 and $0.32, and it appears to be once again forming a strong correlation to Bitcoin and…
  • Nigerian Crypto Activity Has Been On the Rise Since April News - 11 hours ago
    Nigeria outperformed the rest of the world by the level of interest in Bitcoin over recent months. Nigeria, the biggest source of Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume in Africa, is apparently one of the fastest-growing crypto markets in the world, according to a new report.According to a new study by major…
  • Record $830M CME Bitcoin Futures Open Interest Highlights Bullish Trend News - 11 hours ago
    Top traders’ net exposure and institutional investors’ growing open interest in Bitcoin futures contracts show the market remains tilted toward bulls. Bitcoin (BTC) has been in a fairly strong bullish trend since mid-March when the price rebounded from the massive crash which saw the price drop as low at $3,600…
  • Pomp: Goldman Sachs’ Interest In Blockchain Shows Innovation Out of Necessity News - 11 hours ago
    Anthony Pompliano states innovation inevitability in light of recent blockchain comments from new Goldman Sachs brass, Mathew McDermott. Mathew McDermott has assumed the role of global head of digital assets for banking giant Goldman Sachs, touting future blockchain predictions. “In the next five to 10 years, you could see a financial…
  • North American Investors Vastly Favor Bitcoin Over Other Cryptocurrencies News - 11 hours ago
    North America-based institutional investors tend to buy and hold cryptocurrency more than those based in East Asia, according to Chainalysis. Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency for trading in every region of the world, but North American investors are the cryptocurrency’s biggest fans, a new report says.On Aug. 6,…
  • It’s “Only a Matter of Time” Before Chainlink (LINK) Breaks $10.00; Here’s Why
    NewsBTC - 11 hours ago
    Chainlink has been flashing signs of immense strength throughout the past few days, with the cryptocurrency currently consolidating around its all-time highs. Despite being unable to break into the double-digit price region, the strong market structure established as a result of its recent push higher is likely to allow for…
  • KAVA, ERD, and BAND See 10x Moves: Why are Binance IEOs Outperforming the Market?
    NewsBTC - 11 hours ago
    The crypto market is booming again, with each passing day a new token is doing another ’10x’ and making early investors rich. The latest coins in the limelight, all happen to be Binance IEOs: Kava (KAVA), Elrond (ERD), and Band Protocol (BAND). Why are Binance IEOs suddenly outperforming the rest…
  • Someone Transferred a Billion Dollars in Bitcoin for Less Than $5 News - 11 hours ago
    An unknown Bitcoin wallet paid a mere $4 to transfer over $1 billion. According to information provided by the crypto Twitter account, Whale Alert, 92,857 BTC ($1,092,603,640) were sent from an unknown wallet for a fee just of $4 at current market rates.Although the Bitcoin network is well known for…
  • Market Wrap: Bitcoin Breaks $11,800; Ether Options Market Explodes
    CoinDesk - 12 hours ago
    Bitcoin’s price is clawing its way back after weekend losses while the ether options market suggests a bumpy road ahead.
  • Pantera’s Founder Foresees $100K+ Bitcoin On the Horizon News - 12 hours ago
    Dan Morehead is more conservative in his Bitcoin price predictions than his firm Pantera Capital, though both agree that it will hit $100,000. Pantera Capital is the oldest Bitcoin investment firm in the United States. When the company’s founder, Dan Morehead, was asked to make a Bitcoin price prediction during…
  • Kazakhstan May Tax Crypto Mining At a Flat-Rate of 15% News - 12 hours ago
    Kazakhstan’s Ministry of the Economy wants to tax crypto mining in an effort to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. A proposal made by the government of Kazakhstan aims to impose a 15% flat-rate tax on crypto mining. The plan would use any funds accumulated through the tax to deal with…
  • Why XRP’s Waning Momentum May Be The Calm Before The Storm Surge
    NewsBTC - 12 hours ago
    XRP investors are eager to see their altcoin of choice get back a lot closer to all-time high valuations. The crypto market underperformer recently regained its number three rank thanks to an over 45% one-week rally. However, things have since cooled down. Why is momentum currently waning, and what does…
  • Sundays Are the Perfect Time to Buy the Bitcoin Dip, Data Shows News - 13 hours ago
    New data shows Sunday evening is the best time to buy Bitcoin at a ‘discount’. Recent data shows that Sunday evening is the best time to buy Bitcoin (BTC) according to Capriole digital asset manager Charles Edwards. As shown below, historically, BTC saw higher returns on Sunday evenings into early…
  • The History, Present and Future of Central Banks, Feat. George Selgin
    CoinDesk - 13 hours ago
    The Director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives gives an eye-opening, 200-year history of today’s most powerful economic institution.
  • Will Bitcoin Hit $12K? Join Crypto Markets Live With Big Cheds & Big Chonis! News - 14 hours ago
    Traders Big Cheds & Big Chonis offer expert TA on the next move for Bitcoin and altcoins. Will Bitcoin break the next resistance at $12,000? Which altcoins are looking promising (and which aren’t)? Tune in now to this week’s Crypto Markets Live to find out!Trading experts Big Cheds and Big…
  • Polkadot Releases Rococo, Its Test Environment for Interoperable ‘Parachains’
    CoinDesk - 14 hours ago
    Polkadot has released its first testnet, Rococo, for its parachain network. The testnet will commence with three parachains, Parity Technologies said.
  • Ethereum 2.0 Devs Discuss Medalla Issues as Network Stabilizes News - 14 hours ago
    After the somewhat imperfect launch of the Medalla Eth 2.0 testnet, developers discuss what initially went wrong. Following the successful but imperfect launch of the Medalla testnet, the first community testnet for Ethereum 2.0, developers spoke on the issues and needed improvements highlighted by the event.In an Eth 2.0 Dev…
  • Federal Reserve Is Rushing to Get Its Instant Payments Offering Ready
    CoinDesk - 14 hours ago
    COVID-19 proved the need for FedNow, even though the U.S. central bank admits the service is still years away.
  • Alleged Twitter Hacker's Digital Hearing Overtaken By Pornography and Rap Music News - 14 hours ago
    Someone hacked the digital court hearing of the alleged 17-year-old Twitter breacher. The teen behind July’s massive Twitter breach had a digital courtroom hearing on Aug. 5. The trial was postponed, however, due to a highly irregular breach in the hearing’s Zoom call.During a “Zoom bombing,” infiltrators “broke into the call…
  • Much of Russia’s Blockchain Voter Data Is Now for Sale on the Dark Web News - 16 hours ago
    Many Russian citizens now face exploitation on the dark web after their Blockchain voting data was accidentally leaked in early July. Passport data from 1.14 million Russians is now available for sale on underground shops via the dark web. This data was stolen from citizens who voted in the country’s…
  • Funding Rate of Digital Assets: How to Avoid Being Misled News - 16 hours ago
    The funding rate is an essential mechanism to allow derivative instruments to track the spot price of their underlying asset. Since the “digital Sleeping Beauty,” Bitcoin (BTC), woke up about two months after its third halving in mid-May 2020, we have read a lot about the “funding rate” of digital…
  • German Regulator Seizes Crypto ATMs
    CoinDesk - 16 hours ago
    Germany’s financial regulator BaFin is seizing bitcoin ATMs run by “Shitcoins Club” months after ordering its operator to cease trading crypto.
  • Blockchain Bites: Bulls Reborn, Backrunning Bots, Bitmain Blowout
    CoinDesk - 16 hours ago
    Ethereum Classic was hit with another 51% attack and Instagram is seeing a proliferation of crypto scams.
  • Polkadot Launches Testnet for Sharding Cross-Communication News - 16 hours ago
    Polkadot is releasing a testnet specifically designed for its sharding implementation. The Polkadot (DOT) project launched a testnet to evaluate its planned sharding implementation based on parachains.The key component that separates shards from being just many independent blockchains is communication. Shards need to be able to communicate with their peers…
  • Bitcoin News Roundup for Aug. 6, 2020
    CoinDesk - 16 hours ago
    With bitcoin prices surging and a quick look at crypto lawsuits, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back for your latest crypto news roundup!
  • NEM blockchain native cryptocurrency XEM now listed on bitFlyer
    CryptoNinjas - 16 hours ago
    NEM blockchain native cryptocurrency XEM, as of today is now listed on bitFlyer, one of Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The listing will enable NEM’s extensive Japanese community to benefit from the liquidity of the bitFlyer platform. XEM is the native cryptocurrency of NEM NIS1, the original blockchain offering from NEM…
  • Goldman Sachs Eyes Own Token as Bank Appoints New Head of Digital Assets
    CoinDesk - 17 hours ago
    The new digital asset head at Goldman Sachs said the bank is considering launching its own possibly fiat-backed cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin’s Patronage System Is an Unheralded Strength
    CoinDesk - 17 hours ago
    Bitcoin development is better funded than ever, cementing a patronage model that protects against insider maneuvering.
  • German Police Seize $29M in Bitcoin From Alleged Content Pirate
    CoinDesk - 17 hours ago
    Prosecutors allege the programmer behind helped distribute 880,000 pirated films over a five-year period that ended in 2015.
  • Bitmain Delays Antminer Shipments Amid Internal Conflicts News - 17 hours ago
    Bitmain announces three-month Antminer order delays, citing “external interference on company operation.” Bitmain, the world’s largest Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware company, is postponing its product orders amid ongoing internal conflicts.As officially announced on Aug. 6, Bitmain will be delaying their June and July 2020 Antminer orders by at least two…
  • Reviving Tourism and User Privacy Via Blockchain-Based ID Systems News - 18 hours ago
    Blockchain could be key for ensuring user privacy in COVID-19 contact-tracing apps. Countries all over the world are feeling the impact of COVID-19, as travel restrictions have virtually put an end to tourism for this year. To put this into perspective, recent statistics from Hawaii’s Maui News found that in…
  • TikTok and the Great Firewall of America
    CoinDesk - 18 hours ago
    U.S. politicians say TikTok is a threat to Americans’ privacy. But can we trust Silicon Valley giants to behave any better?
  • Russia’s Sberbank Launches Blockchain on Hyperledger, Mulls Stablecoin in 2021
    CoinDesk - 18 hours ago
    Russia’s largest retail bank is launching a Hyperledger-powered blockchain for trade finance initially, and may add a ruble-linked stablecoin next year
  • Bitcoin Price Nears $12K Again as Gold Correlation Hits Record News - 18 hours ago
    $12,000 is firmly back on the cards as daily gains top 2.2% and Bitcoin erases the effect of its weekend plunge. Bitcoin (BTC) saw fresh gains on Aug. 6 as bulls refused to rest and the price steamed toward $12,000.Cryptocurrency market daily snapshot Aug. 6. Source: Coin360BTC price recovers $1,200…
  • Grayscale Ethereum Trust Files To Become An SEC-Reporting Company News - 18 hours ago
    Grayscale Ethereum Trust files to become an SEC reporting company amidst the Ethereum bull run. On August 6, Grayscale Ethereum Trust filed to become an SEC-reporting company.Amidst the Ether (ETH) bull run, Grayscale Investments voluntarily decided to make its Ethereum Trust an SEC reporting company. The company’s best-known investment product…
  • IDEX Raises $2.5M to Rebuild Hybrid Exchange for Algorithmic Traders
    CoinDesk - 19 hours ago
    The seed investment will be used to re-launch the Ethereum-based exchange so algorithmic traders can better use the platform.
  • NBA’s Spencer Dinwiddie, Andre Iguodala and More Join Dapper Labs $12M Funding Round
    CoinDesk - 19 hours ago
    Dapper Labs raised $12 million in its newest funding round led by NBA stars Spencer Dinwiddie, Andre Iguodala, JaVale McGee, Aaron Gordon and Garrett Temple.
  • Dapper Labs Raises $12M From VC Firms and NBA Players, Nets $1.2M in NFT Sales News - 19 hours ago
    CryptoKittes’ creator Dapper Labs has secured $12 million in investment from blockchain venture capital notables and pro-NBA players. Dapper Labs, the team behind CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot, has secured $12 million in the latest investment round for its Flow blockchain.New investors include Coinbase Ventures, BlockTower Capital, and NBA players…
  • Bitcoin Entering ‘New Adoption Cycle,’ Coin Metrics Exec Says
    CoinDesk - 20 hours ago
    User adoption looks to be gathering pace as bitcoin’s price rises amid a coronavirus-induced rush for assets with safe-haven appeal.
  • OKCoin Exchange Awards Grant to One of Bitcoin Core’s Most Active Developers
    CoinDesk - 20 hours ago
    The grant from OKCoin will allow Bitcoin developer Marco Falke to continue the maintenance work he’s done since 2016, like reviewing proposed code changes.
  • First Mover: Bitcoin Rises More in One Day Than Stocks Have Gained All Year
    CoinDesk - 21 hours ago
    Bitcoin prices surged 5% Wednesday, outpacing stocks and gold amid calls for more government stimulus to stem the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Judge Worries Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Trying to Line Their Pockets in ICO Lawsuit
    CoinDesk - 22 hours ago
    The U.S. district judge criticized some plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against for appearing to be an attempt to earn high legal fees.
  • Bitfinex lists new Cardano (ADA) trading markets
    CryptoNinjas - 22 hours ago
    The Cardano Foundation, the Swiss-based legal custodian and caretaker of the Cardano blockchain, today announced that Bitfinex, the popular cryptocurrency trading platform, will offer its customers trading of ADA, the native currency of the Cardano protocol. Cardano is a fully-decentralized, open-source blockchain protocol established in 2017, which has recently reached…
  • Copper develops new collateral management tool for OTC crypto derivatives
    CryptoNinjas - 22 hours ago
    Copper, the London based digital asset infrastructure provider, today announced the expansion of its ClearLoop digital asset trading framework to include collateral management for crypto derivatives. This move will enable crypto derivatives to be traded over the counter (OTC) with significantly reduced risk for all parties involved, opening up the…
  • Investors Suing Over Status ICO Can’t Find Execs to Serve Papers
    CoinDesk - 23 hours ago
    Investors suing crypto firm Status are seeking “alternative means” to serve top executives after they were unable to deliver court papers via traditional means.
  • ‘Crypto Instagram’ Is Becoming a Thing, Scams and All
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    Scams are running rampant on Instagram in 2020 – even as legitimate crypto entrepreneurs are increasingly using the platform for business.
  • introduces new token protocol on Hedera Hashgraph
    CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago today announced it has officially deployed to mainnet a new token protocol for Hedera Hashgraph. This protocol utilizes a sharding architecture that is necessary to scale token smart contracts on distributed public ledger provider Hedera Hashgraph. The token protocol architecture for the JAM token was designed to make it…
  • Virtual gaming world ‘The Sandbox’ to launch $3M token raise on Binance Launchpad
    CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    Binance Launchpad, Binance’s token launch platform for blockchain projects, today has announced support for its third project of 2020, The Sandbox––a community-driven gaming platform that will allow creators to monetize assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. A token sale will be the next step for the company to raise…
  • Airdrops for blockchain identity platform Blockpass to be distributed via Holdex
    CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    KYC-as-a-service provider Blockpass, today announced that its series of community airdrops will be carried out through Holdex. Holdex and Blockpass have been working together since May 2018 when the Blockpass KYC Connect identity solution was integrated into the Holdex tool suite, offering streamlined compliance services to Holdex customers. Showcasing its…
  • Gibraltar Finance joins International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications
    CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    Gibraltar Finance, responsible within HM Government of Gibraltar for promoting Gibraltar as a leading financial services centre, has been accepted as a member of the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). INTABA provides developers and users of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with a global forum where they can interact…
  • ECXX gets Singapore regulator sandbox approval for blockchain asset exchange
    CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    ECXX, a digital asset exchange operator using blockchain technology, today announced that it has secured an admission from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to the Fintech Sandbox Express under the Recognised Market Operator (RMO) regime. With the approval, ECXX targets the launch of the blockchain-based digital securities exchange platform…
  • DIA introduces governance token for open-source financial data platform
    CryptoNinjas - 3 days ago
    Decentralised Information Asset (DIA), an open-source data and oracle platform for the DeFi (Decentralised Finance) ecosystem, today announced the first step to decentralize its governance by the public distribution of its governance token on Monday, August 3, 2020. The event will give participants the opportunity to acquire DIA’s Governance Token…
  • Crypto price action platform Hxro launches liquidity partner program
    CryptoNinjas - 3 days ago
    Hxro, a gamified crypto derivatives platform that offers a simple way for users to play the market, has announced the public launch of the Hxro Liquidity Producer Pool with the following lead entities as marquee participants: Alameda Research CMS Holdings Arca Funds Three Arrows Capital Ledger Prime Acheron Trading Hxro’s…
  • Travala and Agoda join forces to boost travel using cryptocurrency
    CryptoNinjas - 3 days ago
    Agoda, an online travel platform part of Booking Holdings (Nasdaq: BKNG) and, a cryptocurrency-friendly accommodation booking platform, have announced a new strategic partnership.trava Following this partnership, more than 600,000 Agoda hotels worldwide are now available via, bringing the total number of properties available on the blockchain-based travel booking…
  • Huobi launches crypto asset management platform for institutions
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    Huobi, the popular blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange company, today announced the launch of Huobi Institution, a crypto asset management platform and custody services for institutions. The platform matches qualified institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals with fully-vetted quantitative trading teams in a secure and reliable environment managed by Huobi. With the…
  • CoinList launches new advanced crypto spot exchange
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    CoinList, a platform for token sales, today announced the official launch of CoinList Pro, its new cryptocurrency spot exchange. With the launch, the company has confirmed two listings with Filecoin (coming soon) and Celo (listed now). Protocol Labs ran Filecoin’s $205M token sale on CoinList in fall 2017, and later…
  • Crypto-friendly travel booking site Travala adds crypto payments from Utrust
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    Utrust, a cryptocurrency payment solution offering instant transactions, buyer protection, and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements, and, a cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking platform today announced a new partnership. will integrate Utrust’s payment solution and Utrust will integrate’s native token AVA into its service. This will allow AVA token holders to…
  • Elrond launches mainnet with first app and updated tokenomics 
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    Elrond, a scalable blockchain designed for value transfer, today announced that it is now live on mainnet. The first application to launch on the Elrond blockchain is Maiar, a user-focused decentralized financial application enabling seamless onboarding and multiple transaction types between participants. Starting from today, Elrond will also completely transform…
  • Zilliqa blockchain appoints Onchain Custodian for crypto custody services
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    Zilliqa, the high-performance and high-security blockchain platform, today announced that it has selected Singapore-based crypto custody service Onchain Custodian to secure its network’s assets. In working with the firm, the Zilliqa ecosystem will benefit from institutional-grade security and insured custody services for its ZIL and ZRC-2 tokens. To kickstart the…
  • Uphold lists physical-gold backed token issued by the Universal Protocol Alliance
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    Uphold, a digital investment platform, today announced global customers can buy gold-backed token UPXAU. Universal Gold (UPXAU) is a physical-gold backed token issued by the Universal Protocol Alliance and backed by the Government of Western Australia. UPXAU is free to hold, government-backed, and spendable on a debit card—with no minimum…
  • Protocol Labs and ConsenSys Labs launch Filecoin accelerator program
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    Today ConsenSys Labs announced that applications are open for the Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator, powered by Tachyon. This cohort will be focused on startups building more open, interoperable, and programmable tools, infrastructure, and applications for the distributed web through IPFS and Filecoin. Throughout Fall 2020, between 15 and 20 teams will…
  • Global insurer to provide CYBAVO crypto asset loss coverage on wallet platforms
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    CYBAVO, a cybersecurity company offering digital asset custody platforms for enterprise, with the support of Lockton Companies, has reached an agreement with a S&P AA-rated international insurance company to provide CYBAVO with a digital asset loss insurance coverage bringing additional security to their institutional wallet customers. CYBAVO users can benefit…
  • Shelley mainnet arrives to enable many blockchain-based potential use cases for Cardano
    CryptoNinjas - 1 week ago
    IOHK, the blockchain research and development company developing Cardano has successfully implemented the most important upgrade to the Cardano blockchain yet, the Shelley hard fork. The upgrade will deliver true decentralization through its advanced Ouroboros consensus algorithm and scientifically researched incentives scheme. From now onwards the Cardano mainnet will be running…

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The Crypto Dog📈 @TheCryptoDog
@kyled116 Hey, hey, that's me! I'm that target audience.
5 hours ago
The Crypto Dog📈 @TheCryptoDog
You can make (and lose) a fortune overnight in these markets.

Good luck.
5 hours ago
The Crypto Dog📈 @TheCryptoDog
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chair fully reclined. feet up on desk. despair collector. p.s. dont be the boat.
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Get a little rowdy in the comments if you want to
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The Crypto Dog📈 @TheCryptoDog
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A highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases and the new internet economy.
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@ElrondNetwork: Major development for financial apps on the Elrond mainnet: decentralized database layer via @BluzelleHQ 💹

End-to-end decentralization is critical for deploying innovative use-cases & is now possible at scale with our partner’s matching 10k TPS network
5 hours ago
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@Crypto_Core @JoshMcGruff How you could to block someone for a rick roll!! That’s just a classic
6 hours ago
moon is tweeting @MoonOverlord
Just got a half dozen DMs in the last 5 minutes of someone impersonating me asking for money

Again, this is a scam, I don’t ask for money, I do not offer 1 on 1 lessons or any courses.
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Luke Martin @VentureCoinist
@APompliano bitconnect has to be a close second
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Looposhi @22loops
You gotta call me man.
I'll be the biggest bagholder you'll ever lose.
Sincerely yours, Loops.

P.S. we should stake together too
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Looposhi @22loops
See everything you say is real, and I respect you 'cause you tell it. @fluffypony is jealous 'cause I talk about you 24/7.
But he don't know you like I know you Vitalik, no one does. He don't know what's it like to have one of your shitcoins blowing up.
8 hours ago
Looposhi @22loops
I can relate to what you're saying in your papers. So when I have a shitty day, I drift away and read 'em all. 'Cause I don't really got shit else so that shit helps when I'm depressed. I even got a tattoo of your face across my ass.
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notsofast @notsofast
@g3nology @CryptoGainz1 @RookieXBT One day I'll dox my drawdown from top.

A lesser person would not have survived.
9 hours ago
Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
@jbimbane @TheBitfi Not asking for wallet recommendations.

Asking for wallet-recommendation site recommendations.
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notsofast @notsofast
@xsedivy mmm it's not super profitable or anything, but if you want to put some CPUs on $LUCK and mine 2PoW algo it's kind of interesting
9 hours ago
Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
Question for CT:

What are the best sources for finding and comparing bitcoin wallets?

- Most trustworthy
- Most coverage
- Most detailed
- Easiest for newbies
9 hours ago
Crypto₿ull @CryptoBull
Gold: $13,300 (+33%)
Bitcoin: $7,800,000 (+78,000%)
10 hours ago
Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
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Jake Brukhman@jbrukh
Founder @coinfund_io. Engineer. Investor. Researcher of #CryptoeconomicSystems & #DecentralizedNetworks. Curator @edition1art. Prev: Amazon, Highbridge.
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@jbrukh: We are about have hundreds of protocols hitting market per month.

Each and every protocol has a need for a governance system.

That implies some massive growth incoming to: standardized governance, forums, governance contracts, analytics like #banzhaf indices, dashboards.
10 hours ago
DonAlt @CryptoDonAlt
@frikininfluncer @loomdart I don't even think you know what I'm talking about
10 hours ago
DonAlt @CryptoDonAlt
@loomdart Is tezos the silver of crypto?
11 hours ago
notsofast @notsofast
Still can't stop thinking about @jespow running Kraken on a diet of 2 oreo blizzards a day
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11 hours ago
DonAlt @CryptoDonAlt
@CryptanoRonaldo @ThisIsNuse Definitely agree.
The older the market the harder to multiply imo.
11 hours ago
Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
Also you can buy these and other ebooks on my shop, for crypto (BTC, LN, ETH, DAI, XMR, LTC)

DRM-free and in multiple formats (PDF, EPUB, MOBI)
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Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
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Mike Masnick@mmasnick
I write/edit @techdirt. I survived for 12 years without a bio on Twitter, but now I've added one.
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@mmasnick: I know there's a ton going on in the world these days, but it seems we've already moved on from the announcement last night that the State Department basically wants to build a Great Firewall and exclude Chinese technology from the internet.
12 hours ago
DonAlt @CryptoDonAlt
@dnice0123 @ThisIsNuse It's funny it has turned out that way because my name is a play on being stupid like Donald
12 hours ago
DonAlt @CryptoDonAlt
@ThisIsNuse I'd guess most "OGs" on Twitter did exactly that tbh.
I mean I haven't even been around that long and it's been life-changing for me and I started in the 4 figure range.
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Zissou™ @ZeusZissou
@MagicJohnson @cjbycookie Beautiful family, but bro... never skip leg day.
12 hours ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
Bitcoin Cash welcomes everyone who wants to build censorship-resistant peer-to-peer electronic cash that scales to serve billions of daily active users, including people who make less than $2 a day.
13 hours ago
Zissou™ @ZeusZissou
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@BtcLeg1t: Buy low, sell high
15 hours ago
Luke Martin @VentureCoinist
@needacoin but in all seriousness that's some loops type crystal ball shit
15 hours ago
Luke Martin @VentureCoinist
@needacoin alright now you're just showin off
15 hours ago
Crypto₿ull @CryptoBull
2013 BTC: $589

2017 ETH: $589

2021 XRP: $589

2025 DOGE: $589
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Crypto₿ull @CryptoBull
2011 BTC: $1

2015 ETH: $1

2017 XRP: $1

2020 DOGE: $1
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Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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$LINK Pre-sale, $BNT, $YFI, $ETH @ $10. I was farming YFI while you were rioting for BLM. All in ERC-20 shitcoins since 2016.
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@DeFiGod1: 1/ How do you value a governance coin? I’ll focus specifically on $YFI. Two methods you can utilize are a total-value-locked (TVL) approach and a comparative analysis based on P/E. I’ll start with the TVL approach.
22 hours ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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Engineer. Analyst. Trader. Wolf's VIP inquiries: T.V.:
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@IamCryptoWolf: $ETH broke out a 2-years accumulation range. Exactly as $BTC did back in Oct 2015. Shit gets real.
1 day ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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CEO of @FTX_Official and Alameda Research. Not investment advice. FTX Services and FTT not available in the United States or prohibited jurisdictions.
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@SBF_Alameda: 1) I've only been in crypto for 3 years, and out of college for 6, so feel free to ignore this "built up wisdom".

But I think it's hard to think well about the role VCs play. I know I've fucked it up before!

So here are my war stories and takeaways.
2 days ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
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Cameron Winklevoss@winklevoss
Cryptopunk • Olympian • Co-Founder @Gemini • Principal @WinklevossCap • Follow me:
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@winklevoss: A General Store was once called a nickel store. Over time, it became called a five-and-dime store (all items priced at either 5 or 10 cents). Today, it's called a dollar store. Soon, it will be called a ten dollar store. #Inflation #Bitcoin
2 days ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
Please follow back and I’ll show you via DM things that #BitcoinCash can do that #Bitcoin no longer can.
2 days ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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Gamified multi-exchange social trading terminal. Manage all your crypto exchange accounts from one place & copy (or counter) trades of the World's best traders.
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@AlunaSocial: Learn how to program your first @tradingview strategy in 5 minutes:
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Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
@DGB_LTC_J As time goes on, code will ossify, and there won’t be that much development. Litecoin also has the advantage of being able to take all of the work Bitcoin devs do. So we don’t need much funding, except for MW. I’m happy to fund MW along with the community. So far it’s good.
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2 days ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
@DGB_LTC_J Although I like Decred, I think that method has too much centralization. It's not my call to take a public good and give it to a specific dev team. Yes, I know you can do stake voting to make it more decentralized, but that's a very different model than Litecoin's proof of work.
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3 days ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
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Global leader in digital currency asset management, we offer single asset & diversified exposure via private & public funds // Disc:
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@Grayscale: #Litecoin has evolved to complement #Bitcoin as a comparable alternative digital currency and payment method with fast confirmations and low fees. Interested in learning more? Download our $LTC Building Blocks report here:
3 days ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
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Litecoin Foundation@LTCFoundation
Advancing #Litecoin for the good of society by developing and promoting state-of-the-art #blockchain technologies.⚡️ RT's are not endorsements.
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@LTCFoundation: Just under $2.6 bln of #Litecoin was sent from #LTC addresses in the past week (27 Jul - 2 Aug).

That's the equivalent of buying 619,991,295 fart cushions at $4.17 each on Amazon.
4 days ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
A friend with a cash business wants to stamp all his cash to advertise and
Design Contest:
$500 for the winning stamp
$20 each for ten runner up designs.
Use hashtag #LocalBitcoinCash
5 days ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
Bitcoin Maximalists are the #CancelCulture of #cryptocurrency.
7 days ago
CEO of Bitcoin @flyingheadofbtc
Come on $ETH, its ya birthday ...
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8 days ago
CEO of Bitcoin @flyingheadofbtc
Update on @travalacom $AVA performance vs BTC (around 18x since Feb)
10 days ago
CEO of Bitcoin @flyingheadofbtc
J0E can stay bearish longer than most people can stay solvent ... but his bias has clearly 'lost' him millions (again)

This is a function of being very wealthy, you subconsciously switch your focus to wealth preservation
43 days ago
YORK780 @YORK780
my next tweet will be at 3 digits btc
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45 days ago
YORK780 @YORK780
We're all gonna make it homies
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48 days ago
YORK780 @YORK780
Join muh paid group to prevent suicide
50 days ago
YORK780 @YORK780
@crypto_rand Can get them cheap for you. They are living on the next acre