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Tezos (XTZ) $ 1.56
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IOTA (MIOTA) $ 0.137522
Cosmos (ATOM) $ 1.96
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Latest Crypto News Headlines

  • Bitcoin Price Drops to $6.1K Shortly After Equities Markets Close Red News - 9 hours ago
    Bitcoin ended its lengthy consolidation in the $6.4K-$6.8K range with a swift drop to $6,068, with the weekly and monthly close approaching traders will be keeping a close eye on the price. After trading in the $6,450 to $6,850 range for the past eight days, Bitcoin (BTC) price finally made…
  • India Crypto Renaissance: Industry Sees Rebirth as RBI Crypto Ban Lifts News - 11 hours ago
    The industry is seeing a renaissance following India’s Supreme Court revoking the RBI’s crypto ban, but there is still a long way to go. Among industry participants and investors, India is emerging as a market to watch for following the overturn of a crypto ban that was placed by the…
  • Analyst Who Called XRP’s Drop to $0.16 Is Still Expecting Upside: Here’s Why
    NewsBTC - 11 hours ago
    Over the past five hours, cryptocurrencies across the board, from Bitcoin to XRP, have not performed well. Since the daily peak at $6,700, the price of BTC has fallen as low as $6,050, a drop of 10% in a matter of a few hours. This loss has been reflected throughout…
  • Crypto Tidbits: Bitcoin Holds $6,000s, Federal Reserve To Do “QE Infinity,” U.S. Digital Dollar Proposed
    NewsBTC - 13 hours ago
    Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. Over the past week, Bitcoin has flatlined, trading between $6,500 and $6,800 for a number of days. Almost all altcoins followed suit, also posting close to no notable price action over the past few days. Ripple’s XRP, though, got some time in the spotlight,…
  • US Holding Firm Halted Mining Business After Bitcoin Crashed Below $4K News - 13 hours ago
    Diversified holding company DPW Holdings suspends its crypto mining business Digital Farms about 2 months before Bitcoin halving. Although the cryptocurrency markets have slightly recovered following massive sell-offs in mid-March, Bitcoin’s (BTC) faltering price has led to notable miner instability and closures.Soon after Bitcoin dropped below the $4,000 threshold on…
  • After Bitcoin Plunged 7.5% in Minutes, Traders Fear the Worst Is Yet to Come
    NewsBTC - 15 hours ago
    An hour ago, the price of Bitcoin suddenly faltered after days of non-action, crashing from the $6,700 base where it had traded at for much of Friday to $6,250 within a few minutes’ time. As a result, at least $20 million worth of long positions on BitMEX were liquidated, while millions…
  • Blockchain Jobs Continue to Rise Despite Global Recession News - 15 hours ago
    Despite global recession in both crypto and traditional markets, many blockchain jobs continue to rise. Trillions of dollars have been injected into the global markets in an attempt to revitalize the world economy. The U.S. alone recently hit its highest unemployment rate in history.The whole world seems to be falling…
  • The Bitcoin Price Just Plunged Under $6,400 After Days of Stagnation
    NewsBTC - 16 hours ago
    Over the past ten minutes, Bitcoin has performed extremely poorly, falling from $6,700 to a price as low as $6,265 in an over 6% sell-off, per data from TradingView. As a result, at least $20 million worth of long positions on BitMEX were liquidated, while millions more probably bit the…
  • Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Spends Seventh Birthday in a Row in Jail News - 17 hours ago
    Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht turns 36 today, spending his seventh birthday in a row in jail. Ross Ulbricht turns 36 years old today. This will be his seventh birthday in incarceration.Ulbricht is the convicted felon serving two life sentences plus 40 years for his role in creating the Silk…
  • Telegram Seeks Clarity On The Preliminary Injunction Against TON News - 17 hours ago
    Telegram’s GRAM token passes the Howey test and is subject to regulation, says the SEC. How far can a preliminary injunction from an American court reach? The answer to that question is everything for Telegram’s embattled TON blockchain project.TON has been under legal fire since shortly after the SEC became…
  • Russian Police Take Down an Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farm News - 17 hours ago
    Russian police seized a Bitcoin mining farm for the alleged theft of $200,000 in monthly electricity costs. Russian police have caught Bitcoin miners who were stealing $200,000 worth of electricity each month in their efforts to mine cryptocurrency.According to a statement released by the Russian Interior Ministry, a Saint Petersburg…
  • Bitcoin Traders are Watching for $4,000 as Indicators Signal an Insane Move is Coming
    NewsBTC - 18 hours ago
    Bitcoin’s consolidation seen throughout the past few days may simply be the calm before the storm, as one technical indicator is now suggesting that the benchmark cryptocurrency may soon see a movement of a similar magnitude to that seen when BTC plummeted from $8,000 to $3,800. Although it still remains…
  • Bitcoin Ascends on Twitter While Major Altcoins Hit Multi-Year Lows News - 18 hours ago
    Data suggests major altcoins are finding it hard to maintain a strong presence on Twitter amid the market downturn. Major altcoins have seen their Twitter presence greatly reduced in the wake of the recent cryptocurrency market crash. According to data from Bitinfocharts, major altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP…
  • Splinter Cryptocurrency Hive Outperforms Justin Sun’s Steem After One Week Trading
    CoinDesk - 18 hours ago
    It’s been a week since the Hive blockchain broke off from Steem in protest. So far, the market action has been on the side of the dissidents.
  • Back From the Crypt: MakerDAO Toes the Line Between Life and Death News - 19 hours ago
    DeFi’s most important company, MakerDAO, narrowly avoids the hangman’s noose, carries out debt auctions to set things right. The crypto industry is young, and in emerging tech, a handful of companies often lead the charge. For those holding equity in these companies, this is generally considered something to be encouraged.…
  • World Health Organization Teams With IBM, Oracle on Blockchain-Based Coronavirus Data Hub
    CoinDesk - 19 hours ago
    Big names like IBM, Oracle and the World Health Organization (WHO) will use blockchain technology to track data relating to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • FBI Apprehends & Charges Russian Hacker, Closes Down Platform News - 20 hours ago
    The FBI has shut down, a platform used in conjunction with the sale and theft of private data. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has charged a Russian hacker for stealing private information, and has shut down his platform —, which moved funds via crypto assets.The FBI shut…
  • Bitcoin and Ether Prices Stagnate as Traders Take Wait-and-See Approach
    CoinDesk - 20 hours ago
    The March 12 crash is still fresh in crypto traders’ and fund managers’ minds, leaving some to think no trading decisions are the best decisions for now.
  • Invest $150 Million Into Voice, But Privacy Concerns Linger News - 20 hours ago has invested $100 million in cash and $50 million in intellectual property into its controversial blockchain-based social media network Voice. — the company behind EOSIO (EOS), has injected $150 million into its controversial blockchain-based social media network, Voice.Announced on March 26, the investment comprises $50 million in intellectual…
  • Here’s Why Traders are Flipping Short on XRP Despite its Intense 10% Rally
    NewsBTC - 20 hours ago
    XRP kicked off an intense and unexpected uptrend yesterday, which led the embattled cryptocurrency to rally over 10%, marking a significant outperformance of Bitcoin and the aggregated market. This momentum has not been fleeting thus far – as the crypto is now in the process of posting even further gains…
  • Bear Trap: Will Bitcoin Mimic Gold in Reclaiming Long-Term Trend Line?
    NewsBTC - 21 hours ago
    Bitcoin and gold have been tracking alongside one another for nearly two years now as the global economy inches closer and closer to total collapse. If the correlation continues, the latest drop in Bitcoin will be nothing more than a bear trap designed to shake out investors before the asset…
  • Corporate Socialism to Dying for the Dow: 7 Themes That Defined the Week
    CoinDesk - 21 hours ago
    As another unprecedented week winds down, @NLW breaks down unlimited QE, digital dollars, the last break of institutional trust and more.
  • No Evidence of Crypto-Related Charge in Maduro Drug Cases News - 22 hours ago
    Contrary to initial inspection, recent allegations against Maduro and other Venezuelan brass do not directly involve cryptocurrency. Several Venezuelan leaders recently came under fire for alleged criminal acts, although, contrary to initial impressions, the situation did not directly involve cryptocurrency usage.“Maduro and his co-defendants are not alleged to have been…
  • Price Analysis Mar 27: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XTZ, LEO News - 22 hours ago
    Most cryptocurrencies have turned down from their overhead resistance levels suggesting a minor correction or period of consolidation will occur in the next few days. The coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis that it has brought along is the first of its kind in this generation. For weeks now, global…
  • Bitcoin Could “Teleport” Higher if It‘s Able to Surmount This Key Level
    NewsBTC - 22 hours ago
    Bitcoin’s price action seen throughout the past few days has quite boring for traders, with the benchmark digital asset forming a relatively tight trading range between $6,600 and $6,800. This period of range-bound trading comes shortly after the crypto’s intense rebound from its recent lows within the $3,000 region, with…
  • Strange Days: S&P 500 Is More Volatile Than Bitcoin This Month
    CoinDesk - 22 hours ago
    In a role reversal befitting these topsy-turvy times, Wall Street has recently seen more turbulence than the top cryptocurrency.
  • Binance Academy Establishes Physical Presence in Shanghai News - 22 hours ago
    Binance opens a research institute in Shanghai’s Lingang area, though it should not officially be considered a Binance office. Binance Academy has entered into an agreement with Shanghai’s local government to set up an office in the country. The initiative will reportedly be devoted to research blockchain technology in accordance…
  • How a Flurry of ‘Digital Dollar’ Proposals Made It to Congress
    CoinDesk - 23 hours ago
    Law professors who’ve long pushed for a digital dollar worked with Congress to bring the concept to a series of coronavirus relief bills earlier this week.
  • Blockchain Tech Leads the Charge in UAE’s Coronavirus Fight News - 23 hours ago
    Blockchain-based proposals from around the world are helping to quell the outbreak of COVID-19. A number of international blockchain-based solutions have taken up the challenge of preventing further outbreaks in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the most recent country to propose solutions reliant…
  • Ethereum Buy Signal Hints At Sustained Bitcoin Outperformance
    NewsBTC - 23 hours ago
    Ethereum kicked off the year, showing stellar performance compared to Bitcoin, leaving the leading crypto asset in its dust. But following over 100% returns, Ethereum’s recent pullback was far more devastating than Bitcoin’s. However, on ETH/BTC charts, Ethereum just triggered a buy signal that suggests the asset will outperform Bitcoin…
  • Aspiring CME Director Wants Exchange to Mine Bitcoin and Issue Tokens
    CoinDesk - 23 hours ago
    A nominee for a CME director position argued for tokenizing certain shares and building renewable energy sources which could also mine crypto.
  • US County Extends Rule Making Bitcoin Mining Firms Invest in Renewable Energy
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    The newly extended rule that crypto mining farms must offset energy consumption with renewables might also be made permanent.
  • Bitcoin Mining Sell Pressure Waning, Supply Shock To Drive Massive Price Increase
    NewsBTC - 1 day ago
    The recent price action in Bitcoin has been particularly devastating to miners who had to turn off their expensive to operate machines after the price of the cryptocurrency fell below the cost of production. However, the rapid capitulation of the weakest miners in the market has in the past always…
  • Bitcoin News Roundup for March 27, 2020
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    A scam in the UK targets crypto while Venezuela’s president is charged with money laundering. It’s CoinDesk’s Markets Daily podcast.
  • After 14 Years in Investment Banking, I Joined the Crypto Industry News - 1 day ago
    The personal experience of significant changes in life: from traditional banking investments into the crypto world of startups. “How could I possibly do this?” — That is what I asked myself when the opportunity presented itself to leave my 14-year career in corporate and investment banking to join the startup…
  • Microsoft Files Patent For Crypto Mining System Using Body Activity Data News - 1 day ago
    Microsoft files crypto-based patent which would enable individuals to mine crypto using body activity data. Tech giant, Microsoft, is looking to develop a cryptocurrency system which enables individuals to mine cryptocurrency using their body activity data, eliminating the need for specialized mining machines.Microsoft published a patent dubbed “Cryptocurrency system using…
  • Singapore Temporarily Exempts Crypto Firms, Including Coinbase, From New Licensing Regime
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    Cryptocurrency firms can continue operating but must apply for a license by summer under new rules
  • Founders of Floyd Mayweather-Backed ICO See Trial Pushed to September News - 1 day ago
    The trial of two of Centra Tech’s founders has been tenuously postponed until September 3 amid coronavirus disruptions. The upcoming trial of two men accused of running the fraudulent Centra Tech initial coin offering (ICO), which raised $60 million after soliciting celebrity endorsements in 2018, has been postponed until September…
  • Bitwise Looks to Retail Market for Its Crypto Index Fund
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    Bitwise is hoping to draw a retail market for its Bitwise 10 Index Fund, which it intends to list on a regulated alternative trading system later this year.
  • South Korea's Largest Bank Launch a Crypto Custodial Service News - 1 day ago
    South Korea’s KB Kookmin Bank applies to trademark KBDAC (KB Digital Asset Custody) in over twenty crypto-related business areas. Major South Korean bank KB Kookmin Bank is expected to launch a cryptocurrency custody service in the near future.According to a report from local news outlet Digital Today on March 27,…
  • Bitcoin Price Decline Prompts US Mining Firm to Shut Down ‘Indefinitely’
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    Digital Farms is halting operations due to low bitcoin prices, its owner says.
  • Singapore Grants Crypto License Exemptions to Ripple, Coinbase and Binance News - 1 day ago
    The Monetary Authority of Singapore exempted a number of crypto payment services from holding a financial license under the Payment Services Act. While Singapore recently adopted specific cryptocurrency legislation — the Payment Services Act (PSA) — in January 2020, it turns out that some crypto firms like Ripple, Coinbase and…
  • After Coronavirus ‘War,’ Bretton Woods-Style Shakeup Could Dethrone the Dollar
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    Seismic shifts might be in the offing for the global monetary system — a phenomenon that historically has occurred in the wake of world wars.
  • Bitcoin Was Heading for a Big Upsurge, Traders Explain What Changed News - 1 day ago
    Top crypto traders have started to lean toward a resumption of a bearish trend for Bitcoin price. With the firm recovery of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Bitcoin defending the $6,400 support level with strength, crypto traders anticipated the Bitcoin price to rebound to at least the mid-$7,500 area…
  • US County Extends Regs for Crypto Miners Requiring Them to Use Clean Energy News - 1 day ago
    The Missoula County Board of Commissioners has extended its green regulations for cryptocurrency miners, enabling them to set up operations in industrial zones only. The Missoula County Board of Commissioners in Montana, United States, has extended its green regulations for cryptocurrency miners, which are designed to control the energy consumption…
  • Bitcoin Scams Continue to Exploit Covid-19 Chaos in UK News - 1 day ago
    Following a warning from the national watchdog earlier this month, regional authorities across the U.K. say Bitcoin scammers are using the coronavirus crisis to hoax citizens. Following a warning from the national watchdog earlier this month, regional authorities across the United Kingdom say Bitcoin scammers are using the coronavirus crisis…
  • China and UK’s Planned Digital Currencies Appear to Have Little in Common News - 1 day ago
    After analyzing the plans for the Chinese and British CBDCs, InterChain Pulse noted the differences and similarities of the planned digital currencies. As major central bank digital currency (CBDC) projects develop apace, it is becoming clear that not all digital coins will look, or even function the same way.A recent…
  • Don’t Apply 2008 Thinking to Today’s Crisis
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    Economists, analysts and big bank CEOs tell us there is nothing to fear because this time is different from 2008. If only it were so simple.
  • Investors Regained Confidence in Bitcoin Amid Price Recovery, Data Suggests
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    Bitcoin may not be out of the woods yet, but prospects of another sudden price crash now look to have diminished.
  • Gaming Giant Atari to Feature in The Sandbox’s Forthcoming Blockchain Platform News - 1 day ago
    Iconic entertainment firm Atari is partnering with The Sandbox on the upcoming voxel-based blockchain version of its popular user-generated content and gaming platform. Iconic entertainment firm Atari is partnering with The Sandbox (TSB) on the upcoming voxel-based blockchain version of its popular user-generated content and gaming platform.In an announcement on…
  • UK Counties Warn of Bitcoin Scams Using Coronavirus as a Hook
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    U.K residents are being warned against scammers claiming to offer information on locals infected with coronavirus for payments in bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Price Holding $6.5K as Media Calls New ‘Bull Market’ in Stocks News - 1 day ago
    A solid rejection of $7,000 earlier this week keeps Bitcoin within the upper $6,000 range but there is a lot to reclaim, say analysts. Bitcoin (BTC) continued to trade near $7,000 on March 27 after traditional markets showed bullish signs and the Dow Jones had its best day in 87…
  • Another Class Action Suit Brought Against Robinhood Over Platform Outages News - 1 day ago
    A class-action complaint has been brought against the Robinhood stock and cryptocurrency trading app, following a series of outages earlier this month. Following a series of platform outages during historic price action earlier this month, Robinhood, a popular stock and cryptocurrency trading app, now faces another class action complaint.The lawsuit,…
  • Coinbase’s Retail Payments Wing Crosses $200M in Transactions
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    Coinbase Commerce’s 8,000 retailers have processed more than $200 million since its launch two years ago.
  • Getting Ready for the Altcoin Resurgence News - 1 day ago
    A new era is emerging in crypto, and only the projects quick to adapt to changing needs while delivering value will emerge successful. The altcoin market has been through tough times. At one point, the market lost over 90% of its value from its peak of $780 billion in January…
  • Lawsuit Accuses Ripple CEO of Touting XRP While Silently Liquidating Holdings News - 1 day ago
    An amended class-action lawsuit accuses Ripple’s CEO of representing himself as bullish on XRP online while simultaneously liquidating his personal holdings. There is new movement in a class-action lawsuit originally filed in May 2018, centered around allegations that Ripple violated the Securities Act through a 2013 initial coin offering (ICO)…
  • Canada’s Tax Authority Demands Personal Data on 115,000 QuadrigaCX Users News - 1 day ago
    The trustee representing the users of the now-defunct Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX will submit all of its documents containing user data to Canada’s tax authority. EY, the court-appointed bankruptcy trustee for the defunct Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX, has been asked to submit all of the exchange’s user information to the…
  • HSBC Puts $10B of Private Placements on R3’s Corda Blockchain
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    HSBC is using blockchain as opposed to a traditional database because it plans to tokenize the $10B in private placements after it digitizes them.
  • Plastics Recycling Looks Promising to Enterprise Blockchain Startups
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    New recycling technologies and mandates have blockchains playing a role: measuring action and demonstrating it to the public.
  • Absorbs Team Behind Now-Defunct Block Producer EOS New York
    CoinDesk - 1 day ago
    EOS creator has acquired the team behind once-prominent block producer EOS New York, which has now entirely ceased operations.
  • Crypto trading platform MainBloq adds 30th exchange connection with Bithumb
    | CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    MainBloq, providers of a modular platform enabling investors to seamlessly, efficiently, and intelligently trade cryptocurrencies, announced today the addition of Bithumb Korea. This means the platform is now connected with 30 exchanges; with more connections currently in development. The MainBloq platform TradeBloq offers seamless liquidity through its smart order router…
  • Edge enhancing its decentralized computing network with TNC blockchain ecosystem
    | CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    Edge, a decentralized computing network powered by blockchain, has announced a new partnership with TNC IT Group, a provider of blockchain development and security services. TNC’s major activities include investing both its resources and guidance on blockchain companies, integrating blockchain technology, finding global standard developers, and more. The partnership will…
  • Keep’s bitcoin (BTC) bridge with permissionless signing now open-source
    | CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    Keep, a privacy layer for public blockchains, announced today it is now completely open-source, this makes tBTC the first and only BTC bridge with an open-source permissionless signing implementation. Currently, tBTC is live on the Ropsten testnet, and opens up many more opportunities for people to earn through decentralized finance…
  • Cross-blockchain exchange protocol Ren steps away from mainnet rollout
    | CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    Ren, an open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain, has announced the official countdown is on for the release of its Mainnet SubZero. The Ren team outlined four steps they are taking before the launch of the mainnet, with the first step already…
  • Blockchain asset fund KR1 invests in Polkadot stablecoin project Acala
    | CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    KR1, a blockchain and crypto-asset fund, announced today it has invested a total of $65,000 USD in the Acala Network project. KR1 took part in the Acala seed round and will receive a total of 866,666.67 Acala (ACA) tokens at a price of $0.075 USD per ACA token. The Acala…
  • DeFi Money Market (DMM) launches mETH for 6.25% interest on ETH deposits
    | CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    DeFi Money Market (DMM), a protocol to earn interest on any Ethereum-asset backed by real-world assets represented on-chain, today announced the launch of mETH, an interest-bearing token created by depositing ETH into the DMM Ecosystem. DMM will offer 6.25% p.a. on ether (ETH) deposits. mETH tokens, like all other mTokens,…
  • 9 exchanges list SOLO token of XRP Ledger built marketplace Sologenic
    | CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    Sologenic, the ecosystem built on top of the XRP Ledger facilitating exchange between crypto and non-blockchain assets, today announced the first group of crypto exchanges to list Sologenic’s token SOLO. SOLO will available to trade live on the following exchanges: HitBTC, BitForex, Bilaxy,, CoinTiger, CoinsBit, Probit, WhiteBit, and SistemKoin.…
  • UMA introduces ‘priceless’ ERC20 token contract that can track any asset
    | CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    UMA (Universal Market Access), a decentralized financial contracts platform, has introduced a new ERC20 contract design that is capable of tracking any asset with no on-chain prices and pooled risk. No on-chain price feed or ‘priceless’ contracts are designed with mechanisms to incentivize counterparties to properly collateralize their positions; without…
  • Conflux readying to launch cross-chain and DEX protocols on mainnet
    | CryptoNinjas - 1 day ago
    Conflux Network, a high-performance PoW public blockchain protocol, after two years of intensive work, will soon launch its mainnet. Conflux is a next-generation blockchain system with a novel consensus protocol, powering highly-scalable cryptocurrency and smart contracts. The upcoming mainnet rollout begins with Phase 1, which includes a cross-chain protocol and…
  • Fuel Labs releases new low-level language for Ethereum: Yul+
    | CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    Fuel Labs, a research group focused on sustainable scaling for Ethereum with optimistic rollups, has recently introduced Yul+, a low-level, highly efficient extension to Yul, an intermediate language for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Yul is a language written by the Solidity developers as a compilation target for further optimizations.…
  • IBMR gets fresh $3.48M for ARCC cryptocurrency basket fund; to list on BiKi
    | CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    IBMR, an economic development reserve and advisory, announced it has raised $3.48 million as an investment seed into the ARCC Currency Reserve, a basket of cryptocurrencies that include ALGO, BTC, and BNB as well as 700,000 USD in seed investments for US-based tech start-up companies. Funding comes directly from Borderless…
  • Bitcoin (BTC) integrated on blockchain communication and wallet app Sylo
    | CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    Sylo, a decentralized communication network, announced today it now officially supports bitcoin (BTC) on its ‘Smart Wallet & Messenger’ mobile app. The Sylo product design team has been set on delivering bitcoin to the app since late 2019; BTC is now accessible on both the Android and iOS app versions.…
  • Crypto payment service Pundi X granted exemption until July 2020 for Singapore license
    | CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    The team of Pundi X, a crypto payment service platform, announced it has been granted an exemption from Singapore regulator MAS for holding a license to operate in the country until July 28, 2020. Earlier this year (January 28, 2020) the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) commenced a new Payment…
  • AlgoTrader platform adds 5 new crypto exchange adapters, Level II data and more
    | CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    AlgoTrader, a Java-based algorithmic trading platform, today announced the release of software version 6.0; which includes the following new functionality: New exchange adapters, Level II data, aggregated order book, and more. Available on-premise or in the cloud, AlgoTrader is an institutional-grade algorithmic trading software solution for quantitative research, trading strategy…
  • Binance strengthens partnership with algo trading app Hummingbot to grow liquidity mining
    | CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    Hummingbot, an open-source crypto trading software client that allows users to trade cryptocurrency with high-frequency trading strategies such as market-making and arbitrage, today announced it has strengthened its partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The Hummingbot team will work with Binance on two strategic initiatives: First, to bring new algo traders…
  • Zero-knowledge file service Internxt secures over €250,000 in seed funding
    | CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    Internxt, a zero-knowledge file storage service, today announced it has successfully closed a €206,000 seed equity investment round at a €2,000,000 valuation. Investors included: SociosInversores, Delwik Group, ESADE BAN, and ex-directives from companies as reputable as Telefonica and Vodafone In addition, the company reported adding €50,000 of debt-funding from Caixa…
  • IOHK reveals layer-2 scaling solution for the Cardano blockchain
    | CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    IOHK, the engineering company co-founded by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, today has unveiled Ouroboros Hydra (Hydra), an off-chain protocol, which enables vastly increased scalability for the Cardano blockchain, whilst still providing low latency and minimal storage per node. The Hydra solution enables a variety of previously unfeasible everyday applications, including micropayments,…
  • New crypto exchange ZUBR passes software review from ex-LSE Group testing firm Exactpro
    | CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    Exactpro, a specialist firm providing independent functional and non-functional testing, today announced it has successfully finalized full software testing of crypto derivatives exchange ZUBR ahead of its launch. In order to assess the quality and performance of the trading and risk engine behind the ZUBR platform and to provide transparency…
  • Swiss crypto exchange SMART VALOR integrates its native token with incentives
    | CryptoNinjas - 2 days ago
    SMART VALOR, the Swiss-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, today announced the listing of native token VALOR. To celebrate finally integrating the token, the company is providing a 100% refund for all transaction fees paid in VALOR during the first month of listing. All trading fees paid in VALOR between March…
  • TokenSoft partners with Hub Security on ‘miniHSM’ crypto storage solution
    | CryptoNinjas - 3 days ago
    TokenSoft, a security token issuance and management platform, today announced its new partnership with Hub Security. Hub Security’s next-gen HSM offers TokenSoft clients military-grade key management and cryptographic storage solutions; built to safeguard against blockchain’s most critical cyber threats. Hub Security’s solution also enables remote handling of large amounts of…

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@radleybalko: Just a reminder: Shortly before coronavirus blew up, the top two public defenders in Montgomery County, PA were fired for advocating what nearly everyone agrees is essential now: ending bail for low-level crimes.
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Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 @aantonop
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Arvind Narayanan@random_walker
Princeton prof. I use Twitter to share my research & commentary on surveillance capitalism, infosec, cryptocurrencies, AI ethics, tech policy, & academic life.
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@random_walker: When working without pants on it's easy to forget that we're still in the surveillance economy.
47 minutes ago
DonAlt @CryptoDonAlt
@blknoiz06 @nic__carter @CryptoHustle Why would they say that when that would lead to panic buying?
Look at toilet paper and what happened there, now imagine the same thing with masks and doctors and nurses dying due to not being protected.
47 minutes ago
notsofast @notsofast
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Rudy Havenstein, Monetary Policy Trailblazer.@RudyHavenstein
He/Haw. Reichsbank President 1908-1923. Uncategorizable. Tweets are solely for my own amusement "My way of joking is to tell the truth." - G.B. Shaw
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@RudyHavenstein: I guess I view the current coup as a continuation of 2008's massive transfer of wealth upwards. Many of the same people involved.
49 minutes ago
notsofast @notsofast
@tyvd Not enough, more is needed. Weather's improving so as long as I'm still allowed outside I'll get it easily despite closed gym.
50 minutes ago
The Crypto Dog📈 @TheCryptoDog
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Austen Allred@Austen
CEO @LambdaSchool: A CS education with no tuition until you get a job (really). I have made remarks I do not agree with 🤷‍♂️
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@Austen: Feels like every organization we’re supposed to trust, from the WHO to the White House to major news orgs, lied to us about coronavirus.

The only reason I had any clue what was happening was random people on Twitter doing the research those organizations were supposed to.
54 minutes ago
The Crypto Dog📈 @TheCryptoDog
@biserdimitrov @nytimes I had a lot of friends from Estonia when I was about 12 years old. Big internet culture in the Baltic nations.
57 minutes ago
DonAlt @CryptoDonAlt
@nic__carter @CryptoHustle I mean I kind of get it.

Doctors and healthcare workers need them most.
People bulk buying masks prevents them from getting the masks they need.

It's a game of choose between two evils.
58 minutes ago
notsofast @notsofast
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jagdeep sidhu@realSidhuJag
Developer of Syscoin, CTO of Blockchain Foundry Inc. Public Co. BCFN:CSE
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@realSidhuJag: Wanna know why we chose parameters we did @syscoin? first we plug into bitcoin through merged-mining to share security, but our block weight is 16mb @ 1 min, so effectively 160MB every 10 mins, accounting for global growth in population matches the spec LN paper suggested
58 minutes ago
DonAlt @CryptoDonAlt
@ashishRthadani @crypto__savy It's been getting much better.
Quality was pretty good around 3-4k as well.
1 hour ago
inside moon @MoonOverlord
As one crypto hedge fund fails another rises from the ashes

1 16
1 hour ago
🌺tm3k @_tm3k
another day another demoballer scammer

Look, deposits: $0
3 51
1 hour ago
inside moon @MoonOverlord
It's lowkey bitcoin's time to shine and almost nobody is talking about it

Global instability, less than 2 months away from the 3rd halving, $BTC has waited 10 years for a scenario like this

Do or die time
1 hour ago
inside moon @MoonOverlord
@NeerajKA It just keeps getting worse and worse
2 hours ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
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Balaji S. Srinivasan@balajis
Not big on credentialism, need multidisciplinary effort vs virus. But if deemed relevant, bio here:
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@balajis: Official misinformation continues.

Getting everyone to wear even imperfect masks all the time is an intervention we could quickly and cheaply deploy at scale.

There are dozens of papers on the topic.

Need to find the people responsible for this and have them post a retraction.
3 hours ago
YORK780🇪🇺📉 @YORK780
Weekend indices update:
#DAX 9389 -1.67%
#DOW 21189 -1.66%
#FTSE 5361 -1.50%
#HANGSENG 22486 -1.29%

That's about 2,6x for me already. Way to go though
3 hours ago
DonAlt @CryptoDonAlt
@inversebrah I'd be willing to assist you in trying for the involuntary record.
4 hours ago
YORK780🇪🇺📉 @YORK780
@riseandshine113 @LordCatoshi Quarantined cats don't find no girlfriends these days though 🙁
4 hours ago
YORK780🇪🇺📉 @YORK780
@LordCatoshi If you could not make it before you will most certainly not make it now. Be patient. After the great lockdown there will be a counter movement for sure. Use your Quarantine wisely to prepare. 🦄😎
6 hours ago
YORK780🇪🇺📉 @YORK780
@CryptoCX1 yeah, u r right. same with mine. 2x is close enough for me though. most important is that the exchange has a reliable and quick payout policy.
16 hours ago
Luke Martin @VentureCoinist
@SimpelAlpha i think of every partnership they have as a looming market sell that only ends when the partnership ends
17 hours ago
🌺tm3k @_tm3k
All crypto twitterians know is shill coin, lose coin, waste time, lie, and project what they want the world to see them as
1 13
20 hours ago
Luke Martin @VentureCoinist
This week in the market...

•Equities catch a bid as unemployment figures go astronomical
•Bitcoin is stuck at 6666

...and $XRP is now the best performing major as it rises 10% to end the week.

Strange times.
13 66
21 hours ago
Looposhi @22loops
@1904alvarez You should try stockpiling $100.000 in cash sometimes.
21 hours ago
Looposhi @22loops
Bitcoin goes up. It has always gone up. So when it doesn't go up, everyone starts shitting themselves.
9 140
21 hours ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
Gold can never go to zero.
The dollar can go to zero.
21 hours ago
Luke Martin @VentureCoinist
@crypto_iso @CoinistPodcast @WhiteClaw i’ll sign the contract without reading it if they’re in
21 hours ago
Luke Martin @VentureCoinist
@Joeingram1 surprised none from mollys game made the list
22 hours ago
🌺tm3k @_tm3k
The stonk market will gap up Monday
1 day ago
Looposhi @22loops
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Rekt Capital@rektcapital
Trader & Technical Analyst - Bitcoin & Altcoins - Featured Trader on Forbes Crypto - 5 Star Technical Analysis course:
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@rektcapital: @22loops Loops here's an article where I analyse historical tendencies for Bitcoin's price prior to and after the Halving.

A lot of those pre-Halving tendencies got invalidated but Bitcoin tends to rally exponentially after the Halving
1 day ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
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Magical Crypto Friends@magicalcrypto
Join the #MagicalCryptoFriends on their adventures. Pony @fluffypony, Lion @Excellion, Panda @WhalePanda, & Chikun @SatoshiLite, talk #Bitcoin, #Crypto & more!
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@magicalcrypto: As you might have expected, this year we'll have to cancel #MCC2020 in New York. However, we've managed to reschedule for next year in May at the same venue! For refunds of purchased tickets, please contact @bigneon directly. Thanks for supporting us and stay safe! 🐼🦁🐔🐴
1 day ago
Looposhi @22loops
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Y Y@yrys88
I was born, I will die, for now I live.
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@yrys88: @22loops @inversebrah When you put your shoe laces on you can't tie a cow at water.
1 day ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
Because the market does a better job than the state at allocating resources, it is even MORE IMPORTANT to have the market allocate critical things like medicine and food.
2 days ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
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Exchange The World. Customer Service Enquiries: @BinanceHelpdesk Official English Telegram Group:
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@binance: Every retweet of ths post with #CryptoAgainstCOVID = $1 USD donation.

#Binance Charity will donate up to $1,000,000 USD!

If we hit 1 million retweets within 7 days, @binanceBCF will donate an extra $1,000,000 USD!

Lets go!

You can also donate here:
2 days ago
Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] @SatoshiLite
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Charlie Lee [LTC⚡]@SatoshiLite
Creator of Litecoin. Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase. Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.
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@SatoshiLite: This game is actually very fun. You can build your own crypto portfolio (including LTC of course!) and even mine coins to earn block rewards. Looking forward to the limited edition When Moon cards. 🚀
3 days ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
So many people that are angered by “price gouging” with facemasks eagerly want to “price gouge” with the sale of their #bitcoin.
3 days ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
“Science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”
4 days ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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Gamified multi-exchange social trading terminal. Connect & manage all your crypto exchange accounts from one place while leveraging community insights.
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@AlunaSocial: A Doji and Inside Bar formed on the 1W $BTC chart.

We explain what this means, and highlight 10 essential Candlestick Patterns that every cryptocurrency trader should know.
5 days ago
Crypto₿ull @CryptoBull
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loomer (CKB maximalist)@loomdart
bunch of losers drawing squiggly lines and triangles on charts, pretending they know shit while they actually have no clue what is going to happen.
Total Tweets42.72K
5 days ago
Roger Ver @rogerkver
Too many people just support what’s popular rather than what’s right.
6 days ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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Hoard, but in a nice way.
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@joshnomics: Corona is the perfect cover for all sorts of totalitarian shit. Biggest loss isn’t going to be from the virus or the economy. It’s going to come from the freedoms they take under the guise of safety, and the upcoming reliance upon the state. This decade is going to suck ass
6 days ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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Beetcoin [LNP/BP]@Beetcoin
I maximize BTC when BTCUSD is bullish; USD when bearish. 365/365 since 2012. MASc - Former Poker Player - Trader - Fund Founder & Manager (High Net W./Instit)
Total Tweets6.11K
@Beetcoin: #Crypto $ALTS - ALT/BTC started the year positively correlated to Bitcoin on the upside (scarce situation) and then without surprise, kept it on the downside.

It's now holding an interesting level here (question mark).

Hold or Break ?
7 days ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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BTC Time Traveler@BTCTimeTraveler
I am a time traveler begging you to stop what you are doing. I am sending this message from the year 2025... I have seen where it ends.
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@BTCTimeTraveler: #BTC • Literally a textbook BARR bottom. Hint: This means bears are fucked.
8 days ago
Alunaut 🌎 🚀 🌘 @onemanatatime
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• I trade BTC, I drink your milkshake • License to use Blue/White candles on a Grey background available upon request.
Total Tweets6.12K
@HsakaTrades: Interesting activity on Coinbase and Stamp since the drop to 3k $BTC.

Bots trailing price with stacked orders. However, present only on the bid side, not the ask.

I hate this word, but "accumulation" mayhaps?
10 days ago
CEO of Bitcoin @flyingheadofbtc
@CryptoGainz1 Hello, this is Bitcoin CEO. Our mistake, srz
16 days ago
CEO of Bitcoin @flyingheadofbtc
*quickly changes name to CEO of Gold*
16 days ago
CEO of Bitcoin @flyingheadofbtc
@nws0und this is my time to shine, wait til i fire up the loomdart account
16 days ago
CEO of Bitcoin @flyingheadofbtc
Technology guys, think about the technology!