Trading command-line instructions

Pinnacle Client is a command line app that can be used to view balance reports, view open orders, place orders and cancel orders on several crypto exchanges. Available commands are: binance, bittrex, bitstamp, hitbtc, kraken, poloniex (the supported exchanges.) Available sub-commands are balance, trade, open, cancel. Use —help or -h on a sub-command to see available flags. The structure is always: command sub-command –flags. (Examples of usage are given below.) We currently support 64 bit Windows only. If you require a version for another OS or architecture please contact us through the email address at the bottom of this page.


To begin, first acquire an API key and secret key from the exchange, following the instructions on their site. Don’t show anyone your keys, as they will be able to use these to control your account. (Pinnacle Client is not currently enabled for withdrawals. For your safety, we recommend you do not enable withdrawal rights on the keys, just read and trade rights.) Download the installer from the downloads page and run it. Once installed, you need to add API and secret keys to the keys file. Go to the application’s directory and open the appropriate keys text file from the keys directory. Add the keys on two separate lines, replacing APIKEY and APISECRET, with your API key and secret key, as shown:

Save the file. Do not change the file name, its directory name, or the file path, otherwise Pinnacle Client will not be able to access your keys. Once this is done for the desired exchanges you are ready to use the client.


The following examples are provided (Windows format):

Command information:

.\pinnacle bitstamp –help

Subcommand information:

.\pinnacle bitstamp –help

Example balance request command:

.\pinnacle bitstamp balance

Example trade placement command:

.\pinnacle bitstamp trade –pair btcusd –amount 0.1 –price 5500 –side buy

Example open orders request command:

.\pinnacle bitstamp open

Example cancel order command:

.\pinnacle bitstamp cancel –id 49928579345


Pinnacle Client will generally return relevant error messages to handle integration issues. Most integration problems arise from not entering the API key and/or secret key into the text file correctly. Other problems occur from limiting the API key by IP and then resetting your router DHCP assignment. With Binance, a common integration problem on initial attempts at use is solved by changing your computer clock from (which is often not accurate enough to meet the receiver window size) to Pinnacle Client should indicate in the error response message when this clock change is required.


Windows Smart Screen may prevent installation of Pinnacle Client, this is normal Windows behaviour, in this event right click the pinnacle.exe file and select Properties then tick Unblock:


Release status

This code has undergone closed alpha testing for over a year. It is now available for open alpha public use. It is not a stable release and is used at your own risk, in line with the license agreement.

Bugs, integration issues, public alpha testing reports

The command line app runs on the same code that will drive the web app and mobile app when released. We actively encourage users to report integration issues or bugs in functioning to [email protected] in order to assist with the on-going testing or our back-end code.