Client Download

Pinnacle Client is available for download for use from the command line

We currently support 64 bit Windows if you would like a build for a different OS or architecture please contact support.

Instructions for use and the support email address can be found here.

In order to download the installer, please agree that you have read and understood the following security advisory. (You will also be asked to agree to a separate terms and conditions agreement while running the installer.)


This software is currently in Alpha. Although it has undergone testing, bugs may exist.  Alpha means new features are still being introduced. At the moment, API keys are held in text files and the application does not yet require any password to run it. It is therefore advisable to run the software as a different Windows User and remove access rights to it from your normal user account.

Within Command Prompt / PowerShell for example this would be done with:

net user johndoe passwordgoeshere /add

More detail on this can be found here:

Once the new account is created, login with that user and install the software, then logout.

Login with your normal account, then from the command line run the command line app as the new user you created in the previous step.  Details on how to run as another user can be found here if unsure:

Its important (as well as good general practise) that your normal Windows user account is not an administrator account so that it cannot directly have read access to your keys text file and that you do not use that account for any other purpose. (This is to help reduce the risk of malware obtaining access to your API keys directly from the hard disk for example, or similar.)

We additionally recommend that your API keys have restrictions set, such as IP address restrictions and prevention of withdrawals.  We recommend this software is not used on a shared/public computer and that disk encryption software such as BitLocker is used where appropriate, as well as a good Anti-Virus/ Security software.

Later versions of this software will include password protection, encryption and other security measures as required.

NOTE: Pinnacle client by default installs to: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Programs\Pinnacle Client

Enjoy your use of Pinnacle Client.