Token claim

1. Visit

NOTE:   When visiting MyEtherWallet please ensure the top of your browser displays as pictured below. If it does not you may not be visiting the authentic MyEtherWallet website and you should not proceed any further:



2. You will see this:


3. Scroll down the page and you will also see a list of options for accessing your Ethereum account from MyEtherWallet:


Check the option that applies and login to your account in the usual manner, in order to sign the message.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must sign using the Ethereum wallet address you used to pay into the ICO, any other address will result in your token claim request being rejected.


4. Write your message. Your message should have the following structure:


Pinnacle Brilliance Token Claim



An example:

Click on “Sign Message.”

After signing you will see your message displayed like this:


5. Copy the full contents of the signed message including the curly brackets and paste them into the form below when requested. NOTE: This should not be a screenshot