Wallet Balance

In order for a wallet to become live and functional on the Stellar network a minimum balance of XLM is required. Additional Trustlines held in your wallet requires more XLM (for further info on this see here).

We recommend a minimum balance of 5 XLM. If you already have a balance of 5 XLM or more click here to proceed to the next page.

If you need to add XLM to your account you can use the Changelly exchange widget below, or you can make a deposit from an existing exchange account or wallet.

Using the form below, enter your Stellar wallet Public Key address in the “Recipient’s STR address” field, the second box in the “Recipient info” section is a memo field and can be left blank.   NOTE: STR is the old name for XLM.

*If you have made a payment please do not navigate away from this page until your payment is complete!*

NOTE: The above exchange widget is provided by changelly.com – any support required in relation to this should be requested via the Changelly website.