Adding Brilliance trustline to your Stellar Wallet

Adding Brilliance trustline to your Stellar Wallet

Brilliance works by using the existing Stellar wallet application on your Ledger, but Brilliance still needs to be added to your Stellar wallet, using these instructions.

If you are an advanced user and wish to manually add the Brilliance trustline to your existing Stellar Wallet please see details for this here.

Otherwise follow these instructions:

1. Login to your wallet via Stellarport.

2. Click on “Balances” on the left-hand side:

NOTE: We recommend at least 5 XLM to use the full array of wallet functions. If you need help getting XLM into your wallet account see our guide here.


3. Click on the blue “+Trustline” button (above). Where it says “”, you should enter “”:


4. After you have entered the domain name, click on the white domain name bar which appears. The outline will turn yellow. Then click on the green “Finished” button:


5. You will be asked to sign in again, using either your secret key, keystore file, or Ledger, in order to confirm the addition of the trust line. Once this is done, you will see this:


The BRIL trustline is now in place and you are able to receive BRIL tokens.

Now you can proceed to claim your tokens by signing a message from the ethereum wallet you used to send ethereum to the ICO – please have your Stellar wallet public key handy.