Setting up a Stellar wallet with a secret key

For optimum security and ease of use we recommend that you store BRIL on a Stellar wallet through a Ledger hardware wallet. The instructions for installing a Stellar Ledger wallet are similar to installing other Ledger wallets and this can be done through the Ledger website as found here.  If you have Stellar already installed on your Ledger you can click here to skip the below steps

If you do not have a Ledger then you can follow our supported method to create a web based wallet through Stellarport.

We have provided full instructions for setting up a Stellar wallet and adding a BRIL trust line using a secret key. If you are using Ledger, the process is the same, except that signing is done using the Ledger instead of the secret key.

Before completing the following steps please ensure you are using a computer you trust is secure on a connection you trust.  Avoid using public WiFi or shared WiFi unless you have taken necessary security precautions.  You will require a pen and paper or printer and/or 2 USB sticks to safely keep backups of you Stellar wallet private key.

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Visit Stellarport  Select “Generate New Key Pair” as shown below, and then click “Next.”


  1. When you see this, click on “Generate Key Pair”:

IMPORTANT: Please ensure your screen is not view-able by anyone else during the next step. 

This will produce a secret key and public key pair. To view the secret key, click on the blue eye, otherwise you will only see xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. When visible, the public key and secret key pair will look similar to our example below:


  1. Write down your secret key and keep it safe. It won’t be displayed again. You will lose access to your funds if you lose your secret key.  Store it securely and avoid storing on any internet connected device.  Keep multiple copies as if it is lost it is impossible to recover.

NOTE: Pinnacle support staff will never ask you for your Secret Key, and it should never be shared with anyone else either.  Anyone with access to your secret key can spend your funds.  Your Public Key can safely be shared with anyone.


  1. In order for your Stellar wallet to be live and functional on the Stellar network it must be funded, to do this you must send XLM (sometimes termed STR, its old name.) We recommend sending a minimum of 5 XLM (STR) to the public key address you created above. You can send this from an existing wallet, you can buy it on an exchange, or you can buy it using the currency exchange below provided by Changelly.Using the form below the recipient field should contain your newly created Public Key address as the Recipient’s STR address, the second box in the Recipient info is a memo field and can be left blank.

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NOTE: The above exchange is provided by – any support required in relation to this should be requested from Changelly.


  1. When you see this, click “Go To Login”:


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