Edward J Dale

Ed is an author and programmer who has contributed to academic research in fields as diverse as psychology, computation, and religion. He began work on neural network simulations as an undergraduate, and contributed to the coding and implementation of motion parallax studies in dynamic complex systems theory at the University of Warwick using virtual reality. Since then he has followed parallel interests in psychology and computer science. In the mid-2000s he worked on studies at the University of Kent on the development of children’s understanding of moral values. He is the author of a highly acclaimed book on human development, has served on numerous academic journal panels and remains on the editorial board of the University of Maine’s Journal of Mind and Behavior. His psychology work on coordination of religious perspectives has been influential on United Nations advisors creating policy aimed at solving interreligious conflict. More recently he has focussed on freelance IT project management, in higher education and the music industry. He is a director of UK based technology company GDCT LTD. Ed was attracted to blockchain tech due to its innovation and its potential to transform society for the better. He has traded bitcoin and forex as a hobby since 2013.

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