Roman Guelfi-Gibbs

Roman started his trading career at the age of 16, when he became apprentice to a forex and commodities trader. He spent many years as a student, learning how to trade and build his own trading style. It was in the late 80s that he begun to develop a new way of predicting the movements that markets make. Using some of WD Gann’s writings as reference material, he started the market cycle research project that would continue until the present day. In the mid 90s, he worked with professional traders (using Tradestation) to create and perfect automated trading algorithms that had consistently high rates of return. In 1996, he began to professionally manage trading accounts for multiple clients. Looking for a change of pace, Roman decided to become a law enforcement officer in the late 90s. He worked as a Deputy Sheriff from 1999 thru 2005, while continuing to actively manage clients trading accounts.

In 2005, he decided to take a break from both careers and focus on his cycle research. It was at this time that he distilled the research into a complete trading strategy which he called Perpertual Sequence Forecasting (PSF). Roman went back to actively trading in 2006 and creating effective strategies that employed fractals, cycles, and movement patterns. In 2012 he learned of Bitcoin. Right away he began trading the new market and accumulating BTC. He also started building rigs and mining altcoins. He published multiple successful ebooks on Amazon that taught users how to setup their Radeon video cards to mine efficiently. In 2014, he created a trading group within the crypto community that had high standards of respect and solid performance. He taught beginners how to trade, and helped experienced traders apply new strategies to increase their win rates. Roman has posted a simplified PSF prediction demo on Twitter focusing on BTC since 2014. His group, Whale Watchers continues to this day with over 3 successful years of service. In 2015 he created an additional strategy to compliment PSF, which he called Unified Lunar Key (ULK). Using PSF, ULK, and sound trading methods, a person can obtain win rates above 80%. Through the years of research and practical application, he kept extensive notes about an application that would change trading for everyone.

In 2017, Roman gathered a team of professional software engineers and web designers to make that application a reality. That application is Pinnacle. He plans on working for years to expand and improve Pinnacle to be the very best trading application available to the public. During the years spent teaching people how to trade, he couldn’t help but notice the average trader struggled with consistency. Pinnacle was created to solve that problem once and for all. Beginners and professionals can find consistent success when using Pinnacle. It’s his goal to help everyone to become a successful trader, not just the top 10%. He wants to give traders the freedom to escape from their desks and enjoy their lives.

Pinnacle will make all of that possible.

David Drake