Demand for Brilliance

There will be a limited supply of Brilliance. Those who copy trade, and those who offer their trades to be copied, will be required to hold a small amount of Brilliance. This will create constant demand for the token, as new traders and new copy traders begin to use the platform.

We will offer platform recommended traders to copy, who we have assessed for competence over a period of several months, so users will know that they will have the highest probability of making money through copy trading using our app. There will be constant demand for our token from new users. Users will have to continue to hold the token if they want to keep using the platform, which will mean that demand for Brilliance is likely to be high.

Brilliance will play a number of functions within our platform. The team will be constantly buying Brilliance at the market rate in order to use within the platform. It will be used for arbitrage and for a number of payment  functions within the platform (such as commissions).

Those who hold Brilliance tokens to either copy trade others or to have their trades copied will be able to sell their tokens at any time. The price they sell for might be different from the price they paid. But as our assessment and certification of copy traders will be unique, there will be little incentive to sell Brilliance.

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