Pinnacle trading bots

We want to get away from the idea that trading takes time and effort. It doesn’t have to. We hope that hours of looking over charts will become a thing of the past, at least for those who do not want to do it. As well as our copy trading facilities which allow you to take the same trades as experienced, profitable traders with proven records, we will offer a variety of automated trading robots, better known as “bots.”

We will give you a uniquely broad collection of automated tools, they will be easy to use by anyone, they will be great value, and they will be conveniently placed on the your platform of choice. Most of our tools will be free to use, or will require merely holding Brilliance in your account in order to access them. Some of them will be available immediately after the completion of ICO.

Certain of these bots are already well under development. Our dev team have been involved in a range of trading bot projects, from Butterbot, to coding of custom Whale Watchers trading indicators based on market cycles (which have been used effectively within the group on forex and crypto markets for the last 18 months.)

We also have contacts within the algorithmic trading department of one of the world’s largest investment banks (Barclays), and hope to organise a skill share which will benefit both you and them with new automated techniques.

Arbitrage and free give-aways – We will employ bots for arbitrage trading within and between exchanges. Brilliance will be ideally suited as an arbitrage vehicle for trading between exchanges. Our plans for triangular arbitrage bots on crypto exchanges will be unique. We will probably use the profits from our arbitrage bots for free weekly give-aways.

Whale-call and news scanner – Receive notifications of unusual price/volume moves which indicate buying in preparation for a move. Receive an algorithmic news feed and notification system so you will be aware of important news the moment it comes out, and will be able to get in position.

ICO analyser – ICO investment module to monitor and notify concerning upcoming opportunities and facilitate purchases.

Employ your own trading strategies – We will provide facility to implement your own trading strategies to run automatically on the market. There has been a large interest in this area of stock and forex trading for decades, and interest has never been growing so rapidly. Unfortunately most automated trading platforms require programming knowledge which is beyond the grasp of anyone but trained programmers, are unreliable, and are expensive to use.

We will provide a beginner friendly graphical user interface, allowing users to simply type in the EMA numbers, candle types and colors, names and behaviours of oscillators, or any other feature that they wish to use in their strategy. Our features will be thoroughly tested before being given to the public, and will usually be free to use except for holding a small amount of Brilliance in your account.

Email and mobile notifications – We will notify you when your chosen trading signal is showing on a particular market (for those who prefer to take a look before opening a position). We will scan hundreds of markets across forex, stocks, and crypto for you every day, and send you notifications when it is time to take a look and consider placing your trade, so you can get on with your day while our bots do the patient and repetitive work for you.

Back testing – Back test any strategy on any or all markets over a number of months or years to see how effective it really is. Our bot will condense several years worth of trades into a rapid calculation of wins and losses so you can easily assess and compare.

Parallel order bot – Have you ever been in the situation where you want to pick up either dash, or ethereum, or ripple, on the swing low, but don’t want to watch the markets all day? Are you trading with, say, one bitcoin and want the full amount to be invested in whichever market makes that low you were hoping for? There is usually no way of doing this. You have to either watch the markets, or split your one bitcoin into three parts and place a part on each pair. Probably you will only fill on one order, and will only make one third of the profit you could have made.

Our parallel order bot will allow you to buy in with the full amount, for whichever markets hit your buy target. This is an invaluable feature not only for daily and weekly swing trading as you try and catch markets as they scrape the bottom of channels and other structures, but also long term for catching crazy prices in the occasional “flash crashes” that hit both crypto markets and traditional markets from time to time.

Trailing stop loss – We will allow you to place a trailing stop on your orders to lock in final profit while you sleep or socialise, or for scalping in high volatility market conditions.

Combinatory time frames – We will offer you rare trading features on your charts. For example, do you like to use the 200 period EMA on the daily time frame? Usually this disappears when you move off the 1 day chart. With our platform you will be able to combine time frames, so that the 200 period daily EMA, is visible on the 1 hour chart. Or the 4 hour Ichimoku cloud can be seen on the 15 minute chart. Or the weekly BBands show on the daily chart. Or whatever combination of time frames you like.

Share strategies – At Pinnacle we believe that we can all work together to beat the markets and large players. If you find a successful strategy we encourage you to share it with others in our forums, either for free or at a price that reflects the effort you have put into developing it.

Paid signals – You will be able to offer paid trading alerts and calls distributed through our platform to your user base.

Yama – Our resident helper Yama will pop up with information, warning you of incoming news events you might have missed, or giving you information about your trading performance. For example, if you usually lose the forex trades you open early in the New York Session, but win the ones you open later in the day, then Yama will let you know about this. Experienced traders can turn Yama off completely.

These are just some of the features that we will be bringing you to take the time and effort out of trading. Save your time and effort for the parts of life that you cannot automate!