Physical assets exchange

Further down the line, once crypto, forex, and stock trading capabilities are established, are to introduce the physical exchange of commodities.

We will seek out and establish trustworthy anchors using our network of Middle Eastern and African connections, in order to put vendors from these areas in touch with each other, and in touch with Euro-American markets.

We will cater for large players using a unique system of introduction and trust establishment, to provide a lucrative service. More importantly, we will make a market place available to small traders for both import and export purposes, whose business ambitions are all too often hampered by protectionist policies of governments which, for example, limit the flow of local currency out of the country, and prevent importation of foreign materials. Crypto has always offered a means of correcting this bias, and we are pleased to be working with the Stellar network in order to continue to push for a fairer world.

Although our contacts are already making connections in the Middle East and Africa in order to bring  this about, we will only begin serious work on this side of our vision once Pinnacle is established and effective as a platform for connecting exchanges and brokerages dealing with crypto, forex, and other financial products.