Copy trading: The smart way to grow your money

Not everyone wants to trade, but everyone would like to boost their income through the return they get on their money. Largely for this reason copy trading has seen an explosion of popularity in recent years. We will bring you trustworthy, reliable, certified traders to copy. We will swing the probability of making money from trading squarely back in your favour, and away from the banks and other large players who have dominated markets and profits for too long.

Managing your own money is probably not for most people

Successful traders have some strange habits. They spend an inordinate amount of time glued to screens scanning hundreds of markets for opportunities. A large number of professional and successful amateur traders do this almost continuously. Forex traders in particular, will stay up glued to screens into the night or set alarms to wake them so they can catch market entries at the times they like or see the results of economic news releases the moment they are announced.

Trading for a living might not be as taxing as working a regular job, but it is certainly not completely free from effort and stress either. Learning to trade successfully can easily take as much time and effort as studying for a university degree. For people who work a regular job and trade, it can be more like having two jobs.

Although it is probably the case that anyone can learn to trade successfully for themselves in time, there is no guarantee that beginners will make money to start with. Beginners usually go in with inadequate knowledge of the factors which effect markets, with limited knowledge of technical analysis, and with no experience of how they will react emotionally to seeing the value of their trades fluctuate.

The smart way to grow your money

For these reasons and many others, copy trading is increasingly viewed as the single smartest way to trade. The basis of copy trading is simple: rather than spending time learning to trade for yourself, and experiencing only limited (if any) success, why not let someone who is already competent take care of your money for you?

In fact, the vast majority of people who have made enormous amounts of money out stocks and commodities trading over the years have paid others to place their trades for them. Copy trading is the people’s version of having your own private investment fund managers. Its also a lot cheaper.

Above: For many people, letting someone who is better at it than you trade for you is by far the smartest option!

In addition many people simply have no desire to learn how to trade for themselves: they don’t want to spend time learning about the vast array of factors that affect the movements of markets, and they don’t want the pressure of managing their own trades. They just want their savings or pension fund to have a chance of growing at a faster rate than interest rates or high street investment products allow. If this is you, you have come to the right place.

We will set stringent standards for our certified copy traders

Yet copy trading too can be risky. On most copy trading platforms traders burst onto the scene and fly high for a few months before crashing very low. Others will oscillate wildly within the same month, swinging thousands of percent into profit and then into loss. How well you do is determined by the timing of their boom and bust circle, and where you come on board. It can seem like a lottery. Traders to copy who make high returns last for more than a few months are very rare.

Soon this uncertainty will end. We will offer a gold standard of “brilliance-certified” traders, who will have been assessed for competence over a period of several months. You will know that they will trade profitably with your money with as high a degree of confidence as possible. If these traders begin to underperform, their certified status will be removed. We will do everything we can to protect our users.

Any Pinnacle user can make their trades copyable. Users can copy anyone they like. But unlike other copy trading platforms we will also supply you with an exclusive list of traders who have met our stringent standards. So you will have something concrete to base your decision of who to copy around.

We aim to provide you with traders you can trust, without feeling you have to monitor what they are doing. Their returns might be exceeded by other traders on our platform for short periods, but they will be consistent, and safer, in the long run.


If you already can trade well and enjoy the trading lifestyle then you can increase your earnings through commission earned on copied trades. All traders who offer trades for the public to copy will earn commission on their wins, and every profitable trader with a following will earn well, but brilliance-certified traders will be offered more lucrative commissions as recognition of the hard work and dedication that is required to achieve this status, and as a thank you from us that they are helping others to make money.