Advancing to the top 10%

I created Pinnacle so that as many people as possible can join the top tier of traders, who are consistently profitable regardless of market conditions, able to trade professionally, and can enjoy the wonderful gift of financial freedom.

During my many years of trading, I have heard the statement made that only 10% of traders consistently make money. The 90% end up losing, or so the saying goes. I thought a long time about ways to level the playing field. It’s not fair that beginners should just lose their money. Beginners should be given a chance to do well from the start. How do we get the 90% to become the top 10%?

Training is definitely one important aspect. I’ve been teaching people how to trade for years. When the trainee applies themselves and practice the strategies, they certainly increase the percentage of wins. Consistency is the key to success. But even with preparation, it normally takes years to get thoroughly acquainted with a market. Often, the trainee has some success with their systems/strategies, then loses everything on one or two trades. Why does this happen?

There are many reasons… Impatience, lack of good money management, no stop loss orders, ignoring the trend, and other errors. When such a thing takes place, it can drive the new trader away from the markets. Some of them never come back. Your losses are your tuition for learning how to become a professional trader. As long as you learn from your mistakes,  you will work out your trading issues in time, until you are an effective trader. Have you ever traded with money that you can afford to lose? Just notice how the trades flow much better without fear and greed clouding our judgement.

A major reason is the person’s ability to handle pressure and make good decisions while under stress. I have observed that different people excel in different trading environments.

Everyone is not suited for the pace of forex for instance. If a person is not suited to the stress/pressure and fast decision making in forex, they should switch to a market and strategy that will fit their personality. Every single person can become a successful trader as long as they choose the trading style that fits their strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with yourself and choose the trading style that works best for you.

One of the major reasons why I chose to create Pinnacle was to help everyone to become a professional trader, or at least to make consistent profit like one. I believe that we all can advance to the 10%. Beginners deserve to take home profit from their trades, and professionals should be given tools that increase their performance.

Pinnacle is being fashioned to do that and much more. It will give all traders the features needed to make a living from the markets. We are focusing on the features that will make users the most profit. If you are a beginner and want to let the platform trade for you, there will be automated features that you can “set and forget”. Plus, the copy/follow module will evaluate all traders for months so that you can be assured of their certified performance.

Whether a beginner or professional, Pinnacle is made just for you. It will be your one destination for all aspects of trading. We all should be able to join the top 10% and make a living for ourselves. I want each of you to be successful. Stop sitting in front of your screen for hours on end. Enjoy your life and let Pinnacle do the hard work for you.