What makes Pinnacle unique

If you are only going to read one article, make sure it is this short piece which summarises some (but by no means all) of what makes Pinnacle app and Brilliance token unique:

1.  Exchange separation problem solved. Prior to Pinnacle, if you wanted to move from one exchange or brokerage to another, you had to visit a different site or app and go through the login process. That will no longer be necessary. Exchanges and brokerages will no longer be separated, and the problem of separation, which dates back 6000 years, will be solved. No one else offers access to any market on any quality platform from a single app. This has never been possible prior to blockchain.

2. Copy traders on any exchange. Relatedly, if you want to copy trade, you previously would only have access to the limited range of traders on your copy trading platform e.g. 1broker, eToro, Zulutrade, SwipeStox, etc. Now you will be able to copy the best traders on whichever platform they use, from FXCM, to Tradersway, to Bitfinex, to Poloniex. This array of options has never been available before.

3. A unique range of free bots and indicators – positioned where you need them. We will provide you with as large a selection of bots and custom indicators as anyone on the retail trading market does, we will give them for free, and we will be uniquely positioned to put them where you need them – regardless of the exchange you use. We have a contact in the algorithmic trading section of Barclays (the world’s sixth largest investment bank), and we hope to be giving you an institutional level rather than merely retail level selection of bots in the near future.

4. Assessment of copy traders. We will assess copy traders for you for consistency and lack of drawdown to give you the best chance possible of a profitable and stress free copy trading experience.

5. Blockchain based performance verification. Being a stellar based token provides unique advantages over both ethereum tokens and 99% of other coins. Due to the high speed and low cost of transactions, we are able to offer genuinely decentralised functions that are prohibitive for ethereum tokens due to computation cost. One example is blockchain based verification of trading records.

6. Roman’s unique trading methods. Roman has been developing his trading methods since the age of 16. Most people who know Roman go through something of a state of shock that one person could have developed all this when they see his work! These are actually similar methods to those we believe are used by banks to trade – they just don’t tell you they have them. The reason it is commonly said that banks are more successful than individual traders is because they have the advantage of using these kind of techniques. The platform will give you access to these methods, as well as those of other successful traders.

7. $1,000,000 trading contest. As announced on New Year’s Day, we will be running a trading contest on our platform in 2018 with a $1,000,000 first prize, and several smaller prizes. This will be the largest prized trading contest in crypto history by some distance, and is likely to capture the interest of social media for months.