Win $2000 per day with Pinnacle Brilliance ICO!

We will be starting a daily give away of 1000 BRIL or 2000 BRIL (currently valued at $1000 or $2000), depending on entry qualification. Entry will be drawn randomly each day at 11 PM GMT, beginning on 6th Feb, and the winner will be announced each day once we have confirmed details with them. To enter:

FOR $1000 LEVEL:

1.) Follow our official Twitter account (@Pinnacle_Dev)

2.) Join our telegram room (

3.) Retweet our daily tweet which contains the hashtag #pinnacledraw

FOR $2000 LEVEL:

3.) In addition to 1), 2), and 3) have a minimum of two tweets about Pinnacle visible on your Twitter feed that have been made within 5 days of the daily draw. These do not include the daily retweet. Tweets must include the hashtag #pinnacle, and include a link to the website (

The winner will be drawn at random using randomization software, from those who have reweeted that day. We will then check you fulfill the other requirements and notify you on Twitter that you have won.

You will receive your 1000 or 2000 BRIL after ICO, we will contact you through Twitter or Telegram with details of how to receive them.

Conditions: Not open to employees of Pinnacle Brilliance Systems. No one may win more than once. Doing anything to bring the competition, Pinnacle app, Pinnacle Brilliance Systems, or any employee or associate into disrepute, either before or after you have won, will mean disqualification or ineligibility to claim winnings. Leaving the telegram room, unfollowing on Twitter, or deleting your Tweets about Pinnacle after you have won will make you ineligible to claim winnings.



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