Roadmap and development plan

Our roadmap plan is set to bring users the most features in the shortest amount of time. We want all of our users to begin making money and enjoying their lives as quickly as possible. With that in mind, we will be working tirelessly to complete development of the core features in a logical and expedient manner.

Q2 2018 – Alpha Stage Complete – Preparing Closed Beta Testing Phase – Level 1 automation tools including programmable EMA crosses, notifications, and arbitrage options, licensed through BRIL. Trading store accepting BRIL opens for sale of advanced trading technique documentation

Q3 2018 – Full API exchange access connecting multiple forex, stock and crypto platforms into Pinnacle for single access point trade execution and monitoring. and support. Encrypted communications for trading groups/calls.

Q4 2018 – CopyCat trade following and copy trading system. Level 2 automation tools. Advanced charting tools and trading signals, PSF and ULK trading signal service begins.

Q1 2019 – Portfolio management service, with retirement planning packages and automated execution. Blockchain based, unfalsifiable verification of trading records.

Q2 2019 – Integration of initial physical commodities anchors. Twitter analysis, ICO investor, App creator, Whale-alert and newsfeeds.

Q3 2019 and beyond – Continued integration of increasingly varied physical commodities anchors. Continued integration of increasing numbers of exchanges and brokerages into Pinnacle multiplex. On-going upgrades to Pinnacle trading features and R&D for further features.

Funds allocation
Development leads