Encrypted communication services

Pinnacle will include a multifaceted encrypted communication system. Groups can create private chat rooms to team up with other traders and plan strategies. Trading instructors can set up subscription based rooms for their paid classes and choose to be paid in BRIL.

Users who offer trading advisory services will be able to charge subscriptions and send out their calls to all of their subscribers or specific individuals. Users can include charts from the Pinnacle advanced charting module to add depth to their recommendations. If a trader prefers to give public tips for free, there will be a non-encrypted public board for that purpose. Users can also add chart drawings to their public calls. Subscription services will also have a ranking system and “Brilliance Certified” qualification based on performance.

In later development phases, pro traders can choose to send complete automated trade setups to subscribers. When received the subscriber will have the option to activate the trading recommendation and the automated trading system will set it up exactly as noted by the pro.