Advanced charting and strategies

The features listed above leads us to the next module within Pinnacle which is advanced charting. Pinnacle will pull price data from each exchange you connect with and apply our proprietary algorithms to the charts. Pinnacle will identify major trading patterns in a clear and easy to understand manner. All trading patterns will be covered. From pennants, to Gartley, to reversals, and even candlestick chart patterns. It is your choice to use one or all of them. The charts will find those patterns in real time and identify them for you on the charts.

In addition, for a subscription fee, you can add-on Whale Watchers proprietary trading strategies. These include WW EMA, PSF (Perpetual Sequence Forecasting), and ULK (Unified Lunar Key). With these strategies, a trader can be confident to pick the correct direction and timing for their trade with an accuracy greater than 80%.

Check “knightlife999” Twitter feed for past performance BTC direction/time calls over the last 3 years. That is a simplified example for public demonstration purposes, but it gives an idea of how accurate our systems can be. Pinnacle will include auto-trade functions that can be set to identify and execute trades using our strategies. Risk level and margin preferences are fully customizable and exits are also automated with multiple ways to lock in profit.

Users will have the option of creating their own auto-trading strategies as well. Pinnacle will include an easy to use trading setup and simple drag and drop rule system that can execute as many trades as you like between each exchange using our strategies or your own. User created strategies can be sold on the “Pinnacle Trader’s Market” for BRIL.