“YamaCat” trading course for beginners

There will be a special module included within Pinnacle that provides a complete step by step trading course in real time. Yama Cat will guide the trader through basic skills and onward to more complicated trading strategies. All of this will be done by using small trades in real time market conditions, so that the beginner can learn while actively making trades. The best way to learn something is by practical application. Yama Cat Trading Course will turn beginners into competent traders with the skills to earn consistent profits every day.

After a user feels that they have learned everything they need from the YamaCat step by step instructional course, they can choose to have YamaCat assist them with real time analysis of their active trades. Yama will alert traders to whether a trade they are planning is good or bad. This feature will be a great help for all traders who want a second opinion before they place a trade.