“CopyCat” trade following system

Millions of users have been looking for the best trade copying service or site that allows trading in crypto, forex, CFDs, stocks, bonds, futures, and options. Few options are currently available, and even fewer allow copying crypto trades. We know how important these features are to users, so Pinnacle will have a complete module set up for copy/follow trading. BRIL must be held to pay commissions to the professional traders a user chooses to follow.

Traders who share their trades will get commissions paid in BRIL on a sliding scale based on the trader’s performance rating. Exceptional traders will be given bonuses for large wins and increased commissions based on performance and number of followers. We chose to build the copy/follow system into Pinnacle with all exchanges accessible to the pro traders and the users who follow them.

In addition to that, Pinnacle will allow users to customize how they follow traders. Risk levels, specific markets, specific exchanges, and even time of day. If a user doesn’t want to be in “follow trades” during big news data releases, they can select to stay out such trades. For example, if a user doesn’t want to be in silver trades, Pinnacle will exclude silver trades from the copy/follow execution.

Pinnacle will include a trading qualification system for pros who would like to be followed by users. To qualify as “Brilliance-Certified”, Each pro must trade for 3 months and show consistent profit with limited drawdown. If the trader is incapable of maintaining consistently good performance, they will not qualify as a certified trader. Non-certified traders can still be followed by users and get commissions, but they will not qualify for certified trader bonuses and additional commissions until they successfully pass a qualification test. Certified traders may adjust their commission levels within set parameters. Better traders will be able to charge a higher fee if they choose to do so.

In the event that a certified trader falls into a pattern of bad trading performance, Pinnacle will automatically pull qualification from their account. We want users to get consistent profits from our platform, so it will be built to maintain quality control over all aspects of its trading features.

Users must have an account at each exchange and they will need to have an adequate coin/fiat balance at each to consistently copy trades. If the user does not have an adequate balance to match their chosen trade size at a particular exchange, that individual trade will not execute. For users who want to stick with a specific exchange for all of their copy/follow trades, there will be a setting that can be chosen to execute all compatible trades on that specific exchange. In the event that the exchange does not support an individual trade, no trade will be executed.

We will be offering some incredible perks to the community when the ICO begins. Make sure to check our webpage often for news and articles.