Overview of Pinnacle Brilliance Project

Brilliance is a Stellar based token that will be used to enable multiple functions within Pinnacle, a full featured multi-exchange investment application with true trading automation and complete account management functions that will connect all other major exchanges and brokerages into a single access point for the first time in history


Cash is going away. It’s a statement that many would have thought impossible 10 years ago. Then Bitcoin was created in 2009. At first, the public thought it was a phase. Slowly over the next few years Bitcoin and altcoins (cryptocurrency) developed and grew in popularity and function. Now, 8 years later, it is clear that crypto-currency is more than a phase. In fact many experts believe that crypto will supplant other forms of exchange within the next two decades.

We all know that. That is why we are here. We all want to be a part of this incredible technology, for what it promises us individually and for the world. The most basic expression of our interest in this new form of monetary exchange is to own these coins/tokens and participate in their growth as a tradable digital commodity. Millions of people are learning about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, and other altcoins every day. Those individuals are joining the millions of us who are already actively trading these currencies.

The entire crypto community is involved with trading in one form or another, and there are many different options to choose when trading open markets. Many investors use brokerages with staff who make the trading decisions for their clients. Most crypto people use third party charting websites/apps and individual exchanges. Huge numbers of people rely on advice from trading professionals on Twitter and other sites to decide how they should invest.

There are an endless number of special advice services, charts, tools, and tricks a trader can use to become successful. But which tools should you use? Are there any strategies that every trader should use to be successful? Which people should you listen to? Who has the best exchange with fastest execution? Should you hold for the long term, or exit now in profit? Whose trades should you “follow”? What kind of real track record does the trader have and can he be trusted to stay consistent? What should you do about long term investment?

Whether you are a pro or just getting started, there are so many options available to the modern trader that it can become overwhelming. If someone could come up with a single platform to answer all of those questions and provide the means to apply the best of that information to your trades in a consistent and successful manner, it would be the pinnacle of brilliance.

Enter Pinnacle and Brilliance.

Pinnacle is the trading and investment platform that will become your primary point of access to the growing world of crypto, CFD, stocks, futures, and options investment. Pinnacle will be a full featured investment multiplex with truly automated trading features for beginners, and the very best trading tools for professionals. This platform will revolutionize trading cryptocurrency and world markets.

Pinnacle services include:

  • Access to every major trading exchange and ability to execute all trading functions within the platform (PC, Mac, Android and iOS)
  • Fully automated arbitrage trading within and between all exchanges
  • Copy/follow professional traders as they place trades across multiple platforms simultaneously (with multi-month performance based qualification system and automated commissions)
  • YamaCat Trading Course for beginners to learn all skills necessary to be a competent trader in real time
  • Extensive charting app for all exchanges with advanced AI trade pattern recognition/identification, automated trade execution, and trade setup alerts for professionals
  • Pinnacle proprietary trading strategy signals (80%+ accuracy) with programmable execution for any exchange and any market
  • Encrypted group messaging and monetized communications feature for professionals to offer trade recommendation subscriptions (trading strategies/tips, group based training, etc.)
  • Specialized Pinnacle automated trading systems geared toward 1:1 trading of crypto and stocks with exceptionally low risk and consistently high rates of return
  • Portfolio Investment Management Suite to track your holdings and help you build them for the short and long term
  • Traders Market for users to buy and sell their own tools, indicators, bots, subscriptions, and private group memberships

We think different people excel in different trading environments. If a person is not suited to the stress/pressure and fast decision making in forex, then 1:1 trading would be perfect. Especially for people who don’t have a lot of time to trade.

“Every single person can become a successful trader as long as they choose the trading style that fits their strengths and weaknesses.”

Brilliance (BRIL) is a Stellar based token that will perform a multitude of utility functions within the Pinnacle Investment Platform. BRIL will be the backbone of Pinnacle. Brilliance has quick 3.5 second block times so that users will experience fast execution for trades and arbitrage. Brilliance will be the token that acts as a high-speed vehicle to initiate and complete core transactions within the Pinnacle platform.

All major features within the Pinnacle platform will require that users hold a balance of BRIL to meet requirements for transactions, fees, commissions, bonuses, subscriptions, and purchase of other users’ services in the Pinnacle Traders Market.

The tokens will facilitate key trading functions between exchanges and the Pinnacle platform when executing trades and investing between various coins and tokens. They will also be a payment for “follow/copy” trading commissions, subscription service fees, transfer fees, trading bonuses (for pro traders), and tips.

After launch, Pinnacle users may purchase or sell the Brilliance utility tokens from any major crypto trading exchange. The requirement for BRIL tokens to be held and used for Pinnacle services will ensure a consistent increase in value and price of these tokens. We will constantly be working to expand Pinnacle and acquire accounts with major banks and trading firms to further boost BRIL value on a consistent basis.